Considering some world of tanks betting? The game is a multiplayer online RT game where you basically play tanks during the 2nd world war.

If you aren’t a world of tanks fan you probably don’t know how big the game actually is. It is considered to be one of the most popular games, weirdly enough. And with popularity comes the possibility to bet on it.

The game is set-up like this:

  • Two teams of 15
  • You win either by destroying all enemies or
  • You win by capturing the other teams base

Team work is crazy difficult but essential to the game. Both chat and voice are required and in order to win you need to be extremely coordinated.

Match Betting on World of Tanks

Like I said, if something is popular you can probably bet on it. But for a game that isn’t AS popular as CSGO, Dota2 etc… you might notice that there are some limitations to world of tanks betting.

First of all, not all bookmakers are offering world of tanks – and even if they say they do, the coverage is so horrible that it should be classified as “false advertisement”. If you want to bet on world of tanks, you will probably stick to one of the more esports oriented bookmakers.

EGB and Betspawn are by far the best bookies to use when it comes to world of tanks betting. But you can also choose from,, ebettle and vitalbet.

But even the best aren’t that good.

Unfortunately, even those bookies that cover world of tanks, just barely do it. You will only see tier-1 games and you will basically be limited to Moneyline (a.k.a match winner) betting.

Sometimes you will also see systems such as odd/even games or results. But it isn’t anything you can count on and the offer is fairly inconsistent.

Going into world of tanks betting?

If you are determined to try world of tanks betting then start with Betspawn and EGB – and feel free to contact us with your experience.

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