After some serious CSGO, the French G2 managed to take home the title at Dreamhack Malmö 2017. To be honest I didn’t expect the team to go the whole way, but at least we are seeing great improvements in the squad.

From a betting perspective, we have a couple of learnings from the event:


With the new roster of olofmeister and GuardiaN, many excited fans expected them to at least end up in the play-offs. After losing to Gambit and NiP they had to pack up and leave, a disappointing start.

Even though the team consists of those big names, I have a hard time seeing them dominating the scene. But performance better then DH Malmö is a certainty.


The team that apparently have some kind of offline-magic! Always playing great on offline tournaments. Even after losing Zeus they proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. The add-on of Fitch was a great fit for the team and we will definitely be able to continue to place underdog bets on Gambit for tourneys to come. I mean, they even 2-0’d Astralis in the playoffs!

It seems like the term Gambit betting will continue for a while…

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Last but not least, the Swedish NiP! Even though they probably have a looooong way to go – this new roster seems to be working out.

Bookmakers are currently giving you great odds betting on NiP. So, keep a close eye on them and you probably will find a couple of value bets.

Dreamhack Montreal 2017

The next DH event is starting on Friday in Montreal. Unfortunately, we won’t find the best teams in the world playing but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to see some great Counter-Strike.

It can be good to closely follow the event to see the development in Cloud9, Immortals and North at least.

DH Montreal Game Rules

The Montreal event will follow the rules of the most DH events. A GSL Format.

  • Two groups
  • Five games in each group to decide the top two teams (BO1s)
  • Rest are BO3s (semi-finals and finals)

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