Vainglory is a mobile-based MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) similar to League of Legends and DotA. It is developed and published by SEM (Super Evil Megacorp) and is currently available to play on iOS and Android. The main difference between Vainglory and other PC-based MOBAs is a slight simplification, wherein the two opposing squads only consist of three players, as opposed to five. As in the two aforementioned titles, the map is divided into two bases, with lanes and jungle in between them. The main objective is to ultimately destroy the other teams base. The game launched in late 2014 for iOS, with the Android version following suit mid-2015. As the game has grown, numerous organizations and teams such as TSM, SK-gaming, and Fnatic have picked up players to participate in the growing esports scene. As a result, Vainglory betting is becoming more and more popular, with many bookmakers now opening up a new market.

Vainglory Betting Sites

As previously mentioned, this post acts to provide you with information regarding which bookmakers are safe, reliable and fair when betting on Vainglory. Unlike most other “comparison” or “review” websites for esports betting out there, we actually try every single website we list before recommending them to you guys. The table below contains the best Vainglory betting sites and are categorized according to numerous variables that we take into account when assessing them, such as:

  • Support
  • Odds margins
  • Betting variations/markets
  • Live-betting
  • Design
  • Bonus & bonus conditions
  • Ease of deposit/withdrawal
  • And much more
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Vainglory Teams

Perhaps you are a Team SoloMid fan? Or Fnatic? Relatively few people are aware of the insane amount of famous esports organizations currently housing Vainglory teams. Currently, the EU/NA regions are playing the summer season, with SK-gaming taking the #1 spot in the EU and TSM #1 in NA. On September 8th, the top teams are battling it out in Los Angeles. If you’re in the area and want to watch this event live, you can purchase tickets here.

Current standings

Betting on Vainglory

Alright, so there are basically two alternatives in terms of course of action that you may take after reading this article. Perhaps you were initially curious about the prospects of betting on Vainglory, but weren’t sure how or where: but now you know. Or perhaps you stumbled on this article via Google and barely know what Vainglory is but since Fnatic is your favorite team, you may give it a shot. In any case, there are a few things that we recommend you do before doing so.

  1. Sign up on at least 3 Vainglory betting sites (We’ll why explain later)
  2. Subscribe to MoEsports (mobile esports news)
  3. Set up a betting budget

Alright so let’s go through each point and why they are crucial to your success if you want to engage in Vainglory betting and come out on top.

Vainglory Odds (1)

Odds differ vastly between bookmakers. We have said it before and we want to stress it again. Stop wasting your money by getting unfavorable odds because you’re locked into one bookmaker only. Why would you put down a bet for, let’s say, 1.5 times your money when you could be getting 1.7 or 1.9 somewhere else? Doesn’t make sense. Signing up to a vainglory betting site is free and there is pretty much no reason not to do it. To sum up, take a glance at all the websites in where you hold accounts before deciding where to ball your money. Easy.

Vainglory News (2)

It’s important to stay up-to-date in regards to information that could potentially alter the way you want to put down your bet. Vainglory betting is no different. For example, a star player could be injured, sick or for some reason does not participate at an event where you expected him/her to. The consequences of not actively seeking out this sort of information before risking your own money

Bet Responsibly (3)

Goes without saying, really. Doesn’t matter if you are betting on Vainglory or any other market, make a budget and stick to it. Don’t go off gambling away money that you can not afford to lose. If you need help to stop your unhealthy gambling habits, please visit this website or local authorities set up to provide care.

Happy Vainglory betting!