esea betting

Underdog bets coming up. If you don’t have the nerve for that, maybe you should skip your betting altogether today.

[Hellraisers vs Fnatic]  – ML 4.15 @Bethard | Low Bet


[ex-DarkPassage vs Endpoint] – ML 4.1 @Bethard | Low Bet

Okay, so I am not going to give you a lot of thought behind these bets. But these leagues played are more important for the underdogs rather than the favorites.

Hellraisers are good at upsetting and Fnatic are fairly inconsistent. This makes a bet over 4x really worth it. But keep it low. The same can be said for Endpoint vs ex-darkpassage.

Remember that underdog bets mean that the probability of winning is lower, but with odds over four on both matches – it is still worth it as these matches are going to be closer than the bookmakers suggests.

For Hellraisers vs Fnatic, betting on over 2.5 Maps can also be a reasonable bet. You will get >2.0x at most bookies, bet365 for instance.