Top Esports Betting Sites 2018

As we enter the new year, it is time to conclude the past year as a fantastic year for esports betting where we have seen multiple new great sportsbooks enter the market with lots of great offers: but which are the top esports betting sites of 2018? The amount of esports games that has been possible to bet on has increased drastically and so has the amount of money that has been betted on esports games. The amount of viewed hours on Twitch was huge which prove the massive interest for esports in 2017. While 2017 has been a fantastic year, 2018 is set to be even better where we predict several new entrants in form of bookies and even more leagues and tournaments being covered by more bookmakers.

To prepare you for next year we have put together a review of the top esports betting sites 2018. In this review, you will find the esports sportsbooks that have been top rated in our analysis for 2018. It will among else cover what the top CSGO betting sites 2018 are, what the top DOTA betting sites are, and what the top LOL betting sites are.

How the rating is done

When rating sportsbooks there are a few parts that are more important than others. For instance, since we are talking about real money bets we consider safety the most important part of our reviews (because why bet on real-money games unless you can safely withdraw your potential winnings?). This is especially important when talking about esports betting sites since they in comparison with traditional sportsbook are a new phenomenon with lots of new actors fighting over market shares. This means that among all the legit and safe betting sites, some unserious bookmakers appear occasionally. Therefore, we always put the safety aspect on top priority.

Secondly, we base our reviews on a combination of customer service, odds, bet selection and promotion and bonuses. We believe the following esports betting sites are the top tier when it comes to above aspects. They all achieve high ratings and have great complementary offers. Read below for a more in-depth analysis of them and how they position in the list of best esports betting sites 2018.  

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Betspawn is a young actor within the esports betting market but has with their great user interface and a broad selection of available games to bet on rising quickly among the betting operators. Betspawn is specialized on esports and does not have any other sports you can bet on. However, if you want to take a quick break from betting they also offer casino games.

Betspawns user interface and customer support is one of the best in the game. Regarding the user interface, it is very neat and easy to get a good overview of, regardless if you play on live betting or not. When we have tested their customer support we have always got very quick and helpful answers.   

During 2018 they have a promotion where they double your initial signup deposit with up to €133.7.

Another exciting aspect is that Betspawn from now on offer skin betting where you can deposit your CSGO or DOTA 2 skins into real money that you can bet with.

Read more about Betspawn here.


GGbet is perhaps the oldest esports bookie around and if you follow any esports games it is highly likely that you have seen their logo since they sponsor several of the top tier teams in the world. While GGbet doesn’t have as many games to bet on as for instance Betspawn in their bet selection, they compensate by covering a lot of leagues within the biggest games such as CSGO, DOTA 2 and LOL. They are for sure qualifying to the list of top DOTA betting sites 2018.

GGbet’s user interface is clean and it is easy to find the odds that you want to play on. Their site is available in several languages such as English, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese and Swedish.

GGbet only offers promotions and bonuses to existing customers and they usually run during shorter periods, for instance during a special tournament. We at Esportslobby has however managed to get a special deal for our followers where you as a new customer get your deposit increased by 100% up to €50.

Read more about GGbet here.


Arcanebet is another bookmaker with their focus set on esports betting. They offer bets on the biggest esports games but also have a few regular sports games that you can bet on like soccer, basket ball, ice hockey and tennis. In addition to this you also have the option to play a few casino games on their site.

When it comes to user experience Arcane bet have their odds presented in a long list, some people find this good as it is easy and fast to overview what games that are available to bet on at that particular moment. While others think it can be a bit messy with lots of text in a small place. It is really up to you what you prefer.

The odds at Arcanebet is very favorable and they offer lot of difference in-game bets that you can choose from. They fit great into the list of top CSGO betting sites 2018.

Arcanebet has a wide spectrum of available payment methods and includes niche payments such as skin payments and bitcoin.

Read more about Arcanebet here.


Similar to Arcanebet, Lootbet offers both esports bets and regular sports bets. The focus is mainly on esports bets but for those who want, it is possible to bet on six of the biggest regular sports. Within esports, you can choose to bet on the 13 biggest esports games.

Lootbet has a nice and clean user interface that is very easy to navigate on. It is easy to find the right games to bet on and as equally easy to get in contact with customer support or to access your personal account and settings.

One great thing with Lootbet is their generous promotions and bonuses. They regularly offer different kind of bonuses both to new and existing customers making it easy to get a leverage on your bets.

Lootbet also offers several alterative payment offers, both traditional methods and new such as skin payments and bitcoin payments.

Read more about Lootbet here.

For a full list of esports bookmakers that missed the list of top esports betting sites 2018 but we still find good, check out our review section.

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