We have plenty of CS:GO matches today. But whether they are betable or not is another question. I want to highlight that today’s bets are kind of risky unfortunately. But when is gambling not a risk 😊

[North vs Pride] – Handicap +7.5 Map 1 & Map 2, 2.01 & 2.06 @Bethard | Lowbet-

Esportslobby haven’t covered Bethard as a good bookmaker but they will show up soon enough. But anyways the best odds were found there.

There is no doubt that North is the better team in this matchup against Pride. However, one bookmaker (bethard) seems to give them a very large edge, even with a handicap – something I couldn’t find somewhere else.

Given this fact, and that North has struggled to close straight 2-0s in this event I believe a low bet-, somewhere between 2-3%, is in order.

[NiP vs VP] – Over 25.5 Rounds on Nuke, 1.98 @gg.bet | Low Bet

So it is finally confirmed, pyth is benched and Draken is in. I do agree with threat’s decision to make this swap. Draken will struggle to play against higher level teams, but what NiP needs is a clear Awper if they want to get their team in order.

VP is VP. With that said, we do know that the team aren’t as strong online as they are on LAN. Even though Nuke is the Polish teams best map right now, NiP have a great history on the very same map – and with the addition of Draken, it isn’t impossible to see them score 9 points. I do believe that VP will end up winning the map.