Starcraft 2 (sometimes called SC2, SCII) is Blizzard Entertainments sequel to the popular Starcraft: Brood Wars (BW, SBW) and was first released in 2010. Since then, Blizzard has released two expansions, which are: Heart of the Swarm (released in 2013) and Legacy of the Void (released in 2015). Due to its age and competitive nature, Starcraft 2 betting is extremely popular and one of the most betted on esports in the world. This guide serves as a guide to help you learn how to bet on Starcraft and where to do it.

Starcraft 2 Betting Sites

So you probably googled something that suggests that you are looking for the best Starcraft 2 betting site to pick from (there are so many trash ones) before committing to your bet. Great job, you’ve come to the right place. Luckily for you, every single bookmaker in our sidebar supports SC2 betting on a regular basis. However, I would like to make life even easier for you by recommending three of my favorite bookmakers, which are based on factors such as:

  • Bonus conditions
  • Odds margins
  • Support
  • Live-betting
  • Game coverage

As such, the three major bookmakers that fulfill these criterions in the context of Starcraft 2 betting specifically are (in no specific order, mind you!):, Fanobet, and Betway. These bookmakers will most definitely cover your needs and set you off to good start in your SC2 betting ventures.

betway esportsbonus betspawn€30
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fanobet bonusbonus betspawn€50
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Starcraft 2 Betting Tips

As in any other game, be it sports or esports, information is key, and SC2 is no exception. By keeping yourself updated, you may find yourself at a major advantage when placing your bets. If you have a smartphone, you can get the theScore esports app to receive news regarding roster changes, injuries and other critical news that may affect the way you want to place your money. Remember, get money – get paid. Imagine if you place down a bet on your favorite team only to find out that when the game starts their ad carry got food poisoning the night before the big game; that’s your money down the drain. Damn, we should get paid commission for sending all you guys over to theScore but hey – we can’t have it all.

theScore esports iPhone
theScore esports Android

Starcraft 2 Odds

Please, for the love of God. Stop using one single bookmaker when betting on Starcraft(or any esports for that matter). The simple reasoning is that you will find that odds differ vastly on a site by site basis. Sometimes they can differ by multiple factors. For example, EGB will typically have much worse odds than Fanobet; why would you place your bets on EGB? Odds can even offer of multiples of 0.1-1.5 on the very same game, team and tournament across the suggested bookies above.


Still not convinced? Take a look at the amazing video below for a preview of just how exciting SC2 can be!