SMITE betting

Bet on SMITE?

Unfortunately, not many bookmakers currently take bets on SMITE, which sadly probably cripples the game’s development and growth as an esports. I mean, let’s be honest, how many times haven’t you placed a bet on a game just to give it that little extra ‘boost’ in entertainment value?

The ones that do accept SMITE betting, such as betspawn and normally won’t accept any type of betting in relation to the SPL (Smite Pro League) as many of those games are played right before they are broadcasted on twitch. Ultimately, this means that you will only really ever be able to bet on SMITE games that are played at events such as tournaments and showmatches. Here, we will continuously update you on what events you can currently bet on in relation to the competitive scene.

SMITE Valencia Summer Finals 2017 (13-15 July)

No odds are out yet, but keep a close eye on the following bookmakers:

I recommend you to sign up on all three of these in order to prepare yourself to maximize your profit as their odds may vary. Each one comes with a different deposit bonus that may be beneficial should you choose to take it. If I had to make a recommendation, I would personally go with Betspawn, as their bonus is easy to turnover and usually has competitive odds. It’s also a Swedish website with a fantastic track-record of customer service, which you can read more about in our extensive review here.


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