Today I thought it appropriate to talk a bit about a game you probably haven’t considered betting on yet, namely Rocket League. Betting on Rocket League might be something for you, as it, just as any other esports presents with great opportunities if you are ready to put in the work!

Rocket League is a pretty funny game if you haven’t tried it. It is quite simple, you drive a rocket-driven car in a team of either two or three, against another team. You drive around on a “soccer-field” and play soccer with the cars and a huge ball 😊 Even though the game is extremely easy to play, you will find that being able to play isn’t the same as being good at it – the skill-level is extremely large. Which makes it perfect for a competitive esports! In the end of 2016, it was the eight most watched esports on

Unfortunately, as Rocket League isn’t as huge as many other esports – betting on the game is often limited to match winner. On the bright side however, being a “small” esports you have a greater chance to have hands-on information about the players, organizations and teams.

The reason is simple, you will most likely find someone on the internet that knows more about Rocket League betting than the bookmakers. This means that a bet on rocket league can be extremely rewarding.

Odds on Rocket League promotes early bird betting. By this I mean that if you have the correct information about a matchup – you’d probably earn more if you bet early. Rocket League odds are heavily dependent on what players bet on, as bookmakers don’t have a lot of historical data to consider.

[Early Bird Betting, that just got me an idea for another blog post – will start on that one immediately after! Edit: Link]

How to Bet on Rocket League

I am assuming that you first need to find a rocket league betting site, which you can do by just scrolling down. But here are some other tips that can save you a lot of time and money on the way:

  • Meta Changes: The game is subject to a lot of meta changes (updates in the game). This affects how good a team will perform depending on how much they practise. Keep an eye on changes and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Roster Changes: The lower-level teams can change rosters frequently, BE UPDATED!
  • Winning Teams Play Strategically: There are a lot of good Rocket League players. But because the game is full of entertaining possibilities such as fancy aerial shots – a lot of players play to “win the crowd” instead of the game.

Rocket League Championship

The game is mostly played in Europe, US and Australia. You won’t find a good scene in China or Korea. Most betting opportunities present themselves on a regional level, which also means that you have more information about the teams and there matches against each other on a regional level as well.

The Championship Series works like this. Each region (NA, EU and Australia) plays round robin group stages and the top six teams in EU/NA and four teams in Oceanic region will play their respective regional finals. Eventually four teams from NA/EU and two teams from OE will play in the international competition.

Rocket League Betting Sites

As I mentioned the game isn’t the biggest one and you have to turn yourself to esports oriented betting sites to be able to bet on the game.

Here is the list of my recommendations! This table is frequently updated!

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Rocket League Betting Tips

If you are looking for rocket league betting tips I am happy to help you, just send us an email and I will either help you myself or direct you to someone who can!


If you need to find more information about rocket league betting I will point you towards youtube, reddit and Wikipedia:

Basically, all the information you need when it comes to the game. Event, players, teams and more. I don’t know of the update frequency, but should be good.

Great source if you can find some people you can trust to discuss with!

Keep track of what you have missed!

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