Quake is back!! And they are coming in huge with a staggering prize pool of $425,000 that is up for grabs! Bethesda and Dreamhack winter have revealed that Quake Champions will take place during two tournaments in 2017. This will be the first time ever that Quake is played as a professional competitive esports game. While this great news no betting operator has yet revealed that they will offer Quake Champions Invitational betting or Quake Cahmpions betting in general.

Quake Champions is the latest addition to the classic game series. The game has been available in closed beta version to a closed group of people for a while. The open beta version was however released to the audience earlier this year in May. While it has been communicated that the full version will be released during 2017, the exact date of when Quake Champions will be released is still unknown. It is now clear that we will see Quake take place in tournament form even though the final version has not been released. And of course, we all hope that we get to bet online on Quake Champions soon. Although it wasn’t possible to bet on this event, Bethesda recently arranged Qaukecon, a tournament with a million-dollar prize pool.

Dreamhack Denver Quake Championship

In October, Bethesda will host a $75,000 Quake championship at Dreamhack Denver with competitors facing off in both the intense four vs four team-based Sacrifice mode and in the ultimate test of individual skill, Quake Champions’ Duel mode. Qualifiers for the DreamHack Denver Quake Championship will begin in September. You will find the latest updates on where you can bet on Quake Championship here at Esportslobby. We will cover the entire Dreamhack Quake Championship and give you live updates.

Quake Champions Invitational betting at Dreamhack Winter

In December, the best of the best will come together during Dreamhack Winter and fight for the prize pool of $350,000! This is the first ever Quake Champions Invitational which will attract the most elite professional players from around the world. They will compete in both Dual mode and Sacrifice mode. As usual Esportslobby will provide the latest information about Quake Champions Invitational betting.

Bet on Quake Champions

As mentioned above we have still not seen any betting operators that has added Quake betting to their offering yet. Our guesses are however that this will appear at least in time for Dreamhack winter Quake Champions Invitaitonal since the game already has such a big group of fans. The online betting operators usually compete to be the first one to offer new games and our guesses is that you will do good by checking out sites as Betspawn and Fast2Play who usually are quick on releasing new games. If you don’t have the patience to screen all the sites for the odds to be launched, just make sure to follow our newsletter where we give you the latest updates on new games and upcoming betting sites. We will of course write all you need to know about Quake Champions Invitational betting