Quake Betting

Quake Betting

Quake betting is possible and getting bigger, but there are some things to have in mind in order to be successful with your bets. How and where to bet on Quake you will find if you scroll down a bit in this post. But remember, as mentioned on my earlier betting guides, this will only give you the tools you need to make your own decisions. Not making the actual decision for you. So be smart when betting on Quake.

History of Quake

Quake is coming back in the form of Quake Champions, a game we have been promised isn’t a MOBA, but don’t know all that much about otherwise. But at least for all the Quake fans out in the world, this is the opportunity to re-join. Let’s take a look at the history of this game. Quake has been following some of us for a long time now, when it all started you have to continue reading to find out =).

Quake was created when the team of developers working with Doom started to play around with a new engine that took a lot of different shapes and forms. Eventually after months of work they find their path and Quake emerged, and instead of trying to create the genre again, theytook what they have created and married it with what they knew. Instead of the fantasy first person action game they had built, Quake got Doom style guns.

Bet on Quake

With the first Quake, they managed to create a dark and medieval styled world filled with grotesque creatures and unfamiliar technology. Released in 1996 it was a great game for its time, but still they didn’t get the reach they could have get. Unlike Doom Quake was an FPS build with a mouse and mind.

Where to bet on Quake

Quake 2 which was released in 1997 was a complete new beast in compare with its predecessor. First of all, the theme they used in the first game was completely changed, in the second game you play as a marine in a fictional futuristic earth. Theme aside you can find many similarities to the previous Quake where you fight hordes of enemies often in large open arenas. This version of Quake was being seen, played and talked about by people all around the world. But the most fascinating part with Quake 2 for players was its fantastic multiplayer. This was the fastest multiplayer online shooting game fans had ever seen.

How to bet on Quake

Because of the success of the multiplayer in Quake 2 the developers decided to make Quake 3 a multiplayer only game. Quake 3 Arena released in 1999 is probably yet one of the best open combat multiplayer shooting games. With great maps, heavy guns and easy movement Quake 3 Arena quickly became one of the most popular games at its time.

Quake betting sites

Quake 4 isn’t a bad game, but it does fall short in the high watermark set by its timeless predecessors. They focus on new things, and for some people the game was closer to Doom than Quake. The developers put a lot of recourses to make a better storytelling in the new version. Many people feel the need of creating a much better storytelling wasn’t needed for a game that never really took its lore that seriously.

Perhaps the biggest fault of Quake 4 was the marketing team telegraphed the big reveal of the story. That upon being captured, your character is converted into a strogg. The stroggification scene is perhaps the most re-memorable part.

On to Enemy Territory Quake Wars, the game that was released in 2007. A very enjoyable and tactical game, but the earlier similarities that the predecessors had was kind of lost in this version.

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Quake betting sites

You can find quake betting on many different esports oriented sites. Most of the times it is match winner you can bet on quake, it might be more market variations when there is a larger Quake tournament. But don’t count on it.


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Why betting on Quake?

Since 2006 it has been possible to “bet” on Quake, from start it wasn’t through the ordinary bookmakers, you could place your bets through the game. The Company Gamelio made in-game betting in Quake possible. Since then people started betting, it never really took off like it did for Counter Strike betting, but Quake betting did grow and the bookies started offering it specially in tournaments and events.

Be smart when betting on Quake!

You need to learn about the game if you are serious about winning. If you are here for the fun of betting, then of course, there isn’t much you need to know before throwing away your money. But if you follow these steps, you will increase your chances of winning significantly. Do your research about the game, analyse the statistics you find on the team and follow the players/teams. This way you will minimize the chances of losing by at least 80%.

Betting on Quake is all about facts

When looking into how top brokers work in finance, you see a few clear patterns. They do their research, they always look for statistics and analyse it and lastly, they backtrack, in this case we follow teams/players. This is exactly the same way you need to do when betting on Quake, if you want to win. Quake betting is all about hard facts, never play with your gut feeling.

When doing your research, you should focus on the game, everything there is to know about it, and what stages/maps the game has.

The statistics is all information the teams that you want to bet on have, how many games has team A won against team B, how many matches have they played the last 3-6 months, how many did they win etcetera.

Last but not least, follow the team/players. They all have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Streams. Maybe even all of them. You should follow them, or just look up their accounts and see if there is anything that might help them to winning the match you want to bet on.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Quake betting guide, remember to always bet responsibly and smart. Wish you all a great day! GLHF on your next bet =)