PUBG Betting

Betting on PUBG is something completely new. The first time to bet on the game will be in a couple of days at the Gamescom (in Cologne). If you are into the game you should consider betting on it, because we all know that the bookies won’t be able to price the games and we will find a lot of great odds during the event.

What is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, or simply PUBG, is an online multiplayer battle royal game that was launched early 2017. It has quickly become one of the best battle royal games out there. The game is pretty much just as the movie hunger games. In one game mode, up to 100 persons are dropped on an island without any utilities. Each player needs to find weapon etc. to defeat the other opponents. The game can also be played in teams of 2-4 players. But the concept is the same, last surviving team wins.

The developers have succeeded in making the game balanced, neither being aggressive nor defensive will take you all the way – but a well thought strategy both before the game but also during the game is vital to win.

Where to Bet on PUBG?

Yes, you can already bet on PUBG. will be absolutely the best place to do it for the upcoming event in Cologne – they have made sure to have coverage.

PUBG Gambling Site

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If you aren’t familiar with esports betting browse more at Esportslobby and if you are looking for the absolute best esports betting sites we have a full list for that as well!

Gamescom in Cologne

This tournament starts 23th August and will be the first large PUBG event. It will therefore also be the judge of PUBG as an esport.

Most of the game-modes will be played so you have to take that into account when betting. But overall, if you read into the teams you will probably be able to beat the bookmakers easily! The event has a total prize pool of USD 350.000, and that is a lot for a first tourney.

For now, there isn’t a lot information about PUBG betting. We will see if this new game will grow in the esports scene and hopefully it does.

PUBG Skin Betting

Unfortunately, yes. PUBG skin betting is a real thing – even though they are trying to avoid it. People have already started to set up those illegitimate sites where you can play “pubg jackpot”, “pubg crash” etc etc…

The thing is, this will create the disaster community that happubg skin betting sitespened to CSGO. Responsible gaming is important. And we don’t want that. However, there are like those I explained above a couple of sites that offers real betting on the game.

What’s the risk?

The risk of using illegal sites are that they’d probably rig and fix games, maximizing their own profit – and eventually if shit goes down the road, they won’t pay you anything.

The skins

Similar to skins in other games. You can get cosmetic skins and designs by purchasing them in-game with battle points. Or more exactly, battle points are used to buy cases. And then you have to buy keys in the Steam Store to be able to open them. Well, pretty much as CSGO.

Why do game developers use skin if they are such a problem?

The thing is. Skins create a completely different value to a game. In the case of CS:GO it more or less saved the game and made is a big as it is today. Read more about betting csgo skins on matches.

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