PGL Major Betting! CS:GO

The major is finally here!

I wasn’t even sad that ESL Cologne ended knowing that the major was just behind the corner.

The teams might not be ones we’d expect. For instance, you won’t see the Ninjas playing this tourney as they have had some problems with their roster and been… well frankly, they suck right now.

pgl major

The first matches are starting 16th July and are as following:

Gambit vs Mouz

Fnatic vs Flipsid3 vs Vega Squadron

SK vs Penta

FaZe vs BIG

North vs Cloud9

Na’Vi vs G2

Astralis vs Immortals

It’ll be interesting to see if there will be a lot of upsets. Astralis will probably be on fire, even skipping ESL Cologne to practice for the major. From a major betting perspective, I’d look closely at VEGA and PENTA – there will probably be some fine value odds during the group stages.

Where to Bet on PGL Major

So, what betting sites should you be using?

The three I will be using is the one that will give me a unique PGL major bonus, Betway. The new one, Arcanebet. And the go-to one, Betspawn!

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