Overwatch Betting

Before going into overwatch betting I just wanted to go through the basics of the game first.

The game is played in a 6v6 where each player can choose between 23 different heroes, yes 23. The heroes can be divided into four distinct types, offense, defense, tank and support. All characters have different abilities and can affect the outcome of the game in different ways.

It is important to remember that you can find different heroes in each type – and these are very diverse! So there is a difference between support and support, offense and offense and so on…

Similar to for instance CSGO, but not to MOBA games the snowball effect in the game is fairly limited. Characters doesn’t get stronger as you kill more foes which makes the game even and makes it easier for teams to come back from a losing streak during a game.

But here comes the complex part!

There are several different game modes to be played on overwatch. These are escort, assault, control and hybrid mode. In each game mode the teams have different objectives which means that teams can be better on one mode than the other. Also, there are several maps these modes can be played on!

bet on overwatch

Bet on Overwatch

Yes, you can bet on Overwatch. I wouldn’t make it my only source of betting if you want to be a regular bettor. The reason is that the competitive scene for Overwatch is good, but not that good. You will be able to find games to bet on – but maybe not on a regular day to day basis.

Remember, there is a difference between “games to bet on” and “games being played” – the overwatch competitive scene is pretty decent and you will definitely be able to watch matches on a daily basis – but I am not so sure that you can make value bets everyday (= bets that are rational).

Earn money by looking at the Asian scene!

The best tips I can give you when it comes to Overwatch betting is to look into the Asian scene. Bookmakers have no idea how to price that market and if you do your homework you will probably hit more upsets than you can count!

Most of the success stories I have heard about is from betting on the Asian market.

Overwatch Betting Sites

Similar to other smaller games you will only be able to bet on the major events. But that is probably enough as you do not want to go to random events and bet on fixed games. If you just want to randomly bet on Overwatch sometimes, your current esports betting site will suffice. But if you are looking for full coverage I would recommend the below sites:

  • com – not the best Overwatch odds, but definitely the best coverage. Also, they are the only betting site that shows odds in the overwatch games days before the match is being played (seems like they are the only bookie with actual knowledge about the game 😊 – probably the same reason to why the odds are correctly priced)
  • Bet365 – they will always try to cover everything humanly possible to bet on – even though they know squat about the game. You will therefore find insanely good odds here!
  • Betspawn – Being esports oriented, they offer both decent odds and many different market varieties to bet on.

Overwatch Betting Tips

Esportslobby doesn’t provide Overwatch betting tips as of now. And the betting community is actually pretty bad at analyzing overwatch for you. Just look at this dead subreddit.

For now, I would suggest that you do your own homework and if you have any question about any specific upcoming game you can always contact us.

Regularly betting on overwatch with a good track record?

If you are a Overwatch betting GOD we are happy to promote you here so others can follow your betting predictions – send us a mail and we can discuss it.

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