new csgo betting sites

New CSGO betting sites are popping up all the time. Established houses are adding it to their product portfolio and completely new betting sites are focusing on just esports.

For the purpose of this article I am going to exclude talking about bookmakers that have been around for a long time and just added esports to their offers.

new betting sites csgo
New Betting Sites CSGO


First of all, why are you looking for a new csgo betting site? Maybe you are looking for new bonuses to utilize, and then you can just jump to our comparison of cs go betting sites. But maybe you are just sick and tired of bad markets on that your current bookie is offering.

When I am trying out new bookmakers (and yes I use over 10 bookies when gambling as they all have pros and cons, none of them are perfect) I am often looking for something that can complement my current batch of bookies that I am using.

For instance, do they offer complementing odds? Or markets that I haven’t seen before? Are they good at live betting and so on.

New CSGO Betting Sites 2017

So far, I haven’t seen a bookmaker that established in 2017, but there are a couple of fairly new bookmakers that you should have a look at.

Betspawn Esports Betting

The first is of course Esportslobby’s best bookie recommendation for esports, Betspawn. Their BETA site is soon finished and is awesome. For each bet you can see a lot of statistics – so you do not have to tab to every time.

I can go on and on to why you should use Betspawn, but then again – we have a review for that. But my personal top reasons for Betspawn when I started using them were:

  • Odds that completely complement my other bookies. Just today for example, I got a +5.5 Handicap for 1.9x odds. My other bookies where giving the same 1.9x odds for +3.5 Handicap.
  • The bonus is completely legit and you actually have a chance in rolling it over. 10x the bonus is the demand (a bit higher than most established bookies but still totally doable, and actually easy to do). The roll-over is counted for all odds over 1.4 (compared to many other small bookies that have a requirement of 1.8-1.9, which is nuts). Esports Betting

Another new bookmaker that focuses on esports only. is extremely similar to ebettle, vitalbet and when it comes to odds and offering. Therefore, it is a very low barrier to switch from one of those bookies to just to get the bonus. But besides that, they have a decent user interface which always is a plus for me.

Even though we only classify these two bookies as new csgo betting sites both, egb and other esports oriented are all “new” in that sense that they have only been around for a couple of years, compared to the alternatives.

New CSGO Skin Betting Sites

I will not talk about new csgo skin betting sites as I am myself not using skin betting at all. The information on Esportslobby is fairly limited when it comes to skin betting. Also, the time needed to find legit skin betting sites are just not worth it 😊

The best site for skin betting would be Fanobet, just looking at the fact that they have a legit license to provide gambling services.

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