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In the world of esports betting, league of legends (LoL) follows suite as its sheer growth and impressive player count provides a wide platform in terms of tournaments, events, leagues and similar to ensure that there is always a game to bet on. As you may already know, the game was directly derived from the popular WC3 mod ‘Defense of the Ancients’ or, DotA, for short. The main game is played in the same fashion, where three lanes of minions push down on each side; ready to be killed for gold to spend back at base. Between the lane, there are minor and major objectives in an area refered to as the ‘jungle’, where typically one player on each time will be assigned to control in order to secure those objectives.

As such, League of Legends is considered a relatively user-friendly game, which means it is not only played at a competitive level, but also attracts many amateurs who just like to enjoy the game as a leisure time.

New to esports betting?

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League of Legends betting, odds and more

You are already probably interested in LoL, either by playing it or – betting on it by observing games. Hopefully, you are good at both of them as there are some things, as with any (e)sportsbook bets, that you can do to improve your chances to win your bets. If you don’t have a basic concept of core aspects of the game such as champions, the map, meta and so forth we recommend you to start there first.

The best way to keep yourself updates in regards to the professional scene is to frequently visit theScore esports to get the latest news on players, rosters and other major changes that may affect the way you should place your bets. I really recommend you to get their app and enable notifications if you are serious about your betting career, as unexpected things may influence your finances directly. Stay on top of your game.

Some upsides of staying up to date;

  • Base bets on statistics and previous results
  • Get updates on rosters, team changes (sickness, injuries, etc)
  • Major meta-breaking updates
  • Potential upsets & rising stars

We’re not going to sit here and pretend we can teach you to become a lol-betting god by just reading a block of text, and most tips that we could provide you with has already been plastered over the internet time and time again. We can however, give you some pointers (or to some, mere reminders) so you leave our website as prepared as you possibly can be.

League of legends odds

With risk of sounding repetitive, we want to stress the importance of actually setting up multiple accounts (2-4) at different bookmakers in order to maximize your potential ROI by simply playing the best odds. Sometimes they vary so much that you can even hedge these bets against one another, creating a win-win situation for yourself. League of legends betting odds are no exception, and when placing your bet on a bet on LoL game, you should definitely take a look where you can use this for your own advantage.

league of legends gamblingIn this picture, you can see the difference between the odds provided by EGB (they do have an nice bonus, but their odds are .. average) and Betway esports. Why on earth would you ever make this bet on EGB? This example is not even the one with the highest variance, as you will surely experience after betting on LoL and other esports for a while.

LoL Betting Sites

Honestly, any website that you will find on our homepage or the sidebar to the right will provide you with the option to bet on most league of legend games such as the LCS, LCK and more. In other words, by now (2017) they all caught-up and supply is finally meeting demand. With that said, I’m going to post my three favorite bookies here that I frequently use to place my bets:

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bet365 esportsbonus betspawn€200
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betway esportsbonus betspawn€30
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