Wouldn’t it be nice to master LoL betting?

Now, you most likely found this post because you Googled League of Legends Betting.

But to be sure that you aren’t wasting your time, here is what I am going to cover;

  • Looking to master the art of LoL esports betting?
  • Trying to find the best LoL betting sites?
  • Want to know the secret behind League of Legends odds?
  • And lastly, need tournament specific tips? Such as lol worlds betting or others? Then stick around!

A bet on league of legends is just as betting on any other sportsbook in many aspects. You will need to have a strict bankroll management, know the value of bets and all of that basic stuff that makes you a winner!

How is LoL betting different from the alternatives?

In many ways, it isn’t. But in many ways, it also is.

The basics of betting is always the same. But there are some LoL specific factors that you need to account for.

LoL Odds

League of Legends betting is not new, and most bookmakers will be able to price matches correctly – especially when it comes to tier-1 matches.

However! If you follow lower tier games you will be able to find value bets!

League of legends odds are easy to beat if you do your homework.

Keep Track of Formats and Other Important Information

Betting on lol is different from betting on lol (HAH). The thing is, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

A soccer game is always 90 minutes + overtime. A LoL game can be different. You have different formats.

For instance, whilst the regular season is best-of-three promotional games can be best-of-five. And the playoffs are always best-of-five. Read our full article for LCS Betting.

Best of ones are not that common in League of Legends anymore, which is unfortunate as underdogs usually have a substantially greater chance to upset.

Team information is VITAL if you want to win!!!!

I can stress out this part enough. In league of legends, team strategy is everything – some teams play aggressively (hint, maybe first blood betting?), some teams like to take a lot of barons, etc etc… and you can bet on most things!

Basically, you do not have to guess the winner to actually win =)

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