Game Start 1 March 2017 | 11:00

IEM Katowice is here! And I was close to missing it because I forgot that February ends today =) The CSGO part of the tournament will be played by twelve teams. The setup is straightforward:

  • Round robin group stage. We have two groups of 6 teams.
  • The first teams in both groups jumps all the way to the semi-finals (remember this means less matches to analyze them on)
  • Second and third teams in each group jumps to the quarterfinals.
    • The quarter and semifinals are played on BO3
  • The final is a best of five! Woho!

The first matches of the day will be fnatic vs NiP and Astralis vs Optic at 11.00 CEST. The group stage is best of ones which opens for a lot of upsets.

[Fnatic vs Ninjas in Pyjamas] NiP ML, 2.37 | Low Bet

The Swedish Derby between these two games will be extremely interesting to watch. The Ninjas have clearly had their issues, missing out on the major and playing poorly when they tried to defend their title at the Dreamack Masters in Las Vegas.

Even though it has looked slightly better for NiP they still seem to have a bit to go before reaching their usual form.

Fnatic has been showing up and played more matches than their counterpart during 2017. The comeback of the old 2015 Fnatic was first seen at the Major (where we saw that playing with just raw firepower isn’t going to work anymore). The new lineup has problems during LAN, and it seems that they need to put many hours into practice before reaching old levels.

What about today’s game then?

Both teams need to get their affairs in order before playing better. Today they are meeting each other in a best of one. And as the bookmakers are heavily favoring Fnatic I am suggesting playing the odds today and bet on NiP. Hopefully the Ninjas can be a good source of upset betting during this tournament. Low on NiP! I am hoping to see Inferno being played between these two teams.

[Astralis vs OpTic] – Under 26.5 Rounds, 1.82

I was hoping that OpTic would give me some value betting during 2017, but the roster change just haven’t seemed to be working for them so far. I hope to see better form today and maybe we can make an upset-bet later on.

Astralis on the other hand are peaking like hell. Even though they lost against in the semis during DH Vegas, they were on fire the whole tournament and had the same glow as during the major.

I am expecting an easy win by Astralis which is suggested by the bet. If somehow Cobblestone gets through, we might have a game on our hands.