Game Start 16:00 CEST – 2 March 2017

Okay so the day have started off a bit better than yesterday at least. I still have a hard time finding a lot of bets with value. And this format with matches ALL the time is stressful haha 😊

Anyways, North vs Na’Vi:

[North vs Na’Vi] Over 26,5 Rounds, 1.97 | Low Bet

Na’Vi have started off extremely well with wins over both and SK Gaming! Even though, the games have been close – they just barely won against SK, and whilst the win against VP was a bit more convincing it all came down to a couple of important rounds.

North seems to be starting as they are used to, by losing. They just lost against Heroic in overtime – but it seems like a usual thing for this Danes to do every tournament (losing the first game).

I believe in a tight matchup and believe in a 16-10 or more score to either team, over 26.5 Rounds it is!