Game Start 12:30 CEST – 3 March 2017

Yesterday was a whole lot better than the first day of IEM Katowice. At least we aren’t down a loss anymore! Sorry that I couldn’t get the time to post about the afternoon games yesterday, had too much to do.

We have finally reached the bracket stage of the tournament after two hectic and weird group stages.

Immortals was the Brazilian team that made it to the brackets while SK Gaming were eliminated. They started off loosing but ended up winning the next four games. Including against Astralis, the reigning champions.

North on the other hand also had a strong group stage. They started with a loss in overtime to go and beat VP, Na’Vi and Cloud9. And when they eventually lost against SK it was knowing that they had a spot in the brackets.

If we are looking for consistency throughout a period extending longer than just this event – North would be the team that comes out on top. These rosters have never met before so it will be interesting to see the end result.

[North vs Immortals] Over 2.5 Maps, 2.0 @Betway | Low Bet

Okay, so let’s rationalize a bet! The odds are heavily favoring North right now. I can understand why North are the favorites, but bookies are over exaggerating. You could probably just bet on an upset with over 2.6+ and be done with it – however, I will not do that today as I see more value and less risk in other markets.

North are slightly favored, let’s have that clear. What we need to think about is how well Immortals can play in a best-of-three against a North that were known for their deep map pool (before adding aizy, which have affected this negatively).

If we look at the maps. Cache is probably more of a 50/50 scenario. Immortals love the map, whilst North haven’t played it that much (but when they have, they have beaten teams like VP and SK).

Cobblestone is probably better for North. They played extremely well against the Poles yesterday on it. It is not a bad map for Immortals either but I am still going to favor the Danes here.

I slightly favor Immortals on Mirage, it is one of their best maps historically.

Overpass is definitely a North map. IMO the Brazilians suck on it. It is not like they lose against all teams, but they can’t really do anything against higher level teams on the map.

Nuke should be a ban from Immortals or they will lose horribly, and North usually bans Train. The wildcard is Inferno of course, as there is no data on how well the teams will be (and NO you can’t look at the old Inferno).

To summarize…

With only one map favoring Immortals, it is easy to believe that they will lose this best of three. As I said, an underdog bet if the odds are over 2.6 is actually not that bad ( will give you 2.7 right now).

Me myself believe the series will go to a third map, as we have two coin-flip maps, and only two maps clearly favoring North.

Betway gave me a 2.0 odds for the series going to a third map!