The day continues! Of course, behind schedule already (how hard can it be to avoid this kind of BS?)

Anyways, NiP against Immortals soon.

[NiP vs Immortals] NiP ML, 1.94 | Low Bet

I won’t go back historically as you can read that in the previous posts about the teams. NiP played a horrible CT side against Fnatic on Cache, but managed to get away with a small loss, 16-14… a loss nonetheless, after being 12-3d the first half.

I am at the moment watching the FaZe vs Immortals game and Immortals have NO control of the match. Sure, FaZe are playing well – but it feels like Immortals can’t make anything happen at all. They are not only being out-aimed have no strategical comeback whatsoever.

I am going to play the odds here, and as the bookies are favoring Immortals I am going to go for a value bet on NiP.

This is a high-risk bet, so keep it low.