So, I am skipping Astralis vs NiP as every bet seems to risky. However, the two FaZe matches against Immortals and Fnatic are interesting to have a look at.

As you might guess, the main discussion would be how will NiKo fit with Faze. This is the first real event that they play together.

[FaZe vs Immortals] -3.5 FaZe Handicap, 1.9 @Bet365 | Low Bet – Game Start 12:15

Without NiKo, the team have suffered a lot of defeats lately. Neither the major nor DH Vegas was good tournaments for Faze.

But the team haven’t never really been AS good as the rest of the teams and they have gone as far as they could with the roster they had. NiKo on the other hand have had really good events on an INDIVIDUAL level, even though mousesports as a team never could make it far.

This roster change is really interesting and I expect Faze to be playing on a whole different level now. Still far from the best team and probably needs a lot of work on a stable map pool before we can see them reaching the stars.

Immortals are on the other hand not playing good at all right now. They have shown “OK” results during online performances such as ESL Pro League, but that is it. No roster changes have affected the performance for the better and the team needs some serious changes if they want to compete with the big boys. I can still see an upset potential (even this game) – which is characteristics for Immortals. Maybe they will present some value bets later on.

For now, I believe Faze will take this game with a small margin. A high-risk profile though due to the changes we haven’t been able to analyze in Faze yet.

[FaZe vs Fnatic] Fnatic ML, 2.04 | Low Bet – Game Start 13:30

Okay, so we went through Faze in the above prediction. And we have covered Fnatic in the previous post. Even though I see Faze as favorites on several maps I believe that it will come down to mirage (or maybe train). And in these cases, I am slightly favoring Fnatic, especially on Mirage.

Some bookmakers are favoring Faze which makes a Fnatic bet worthwhile. As long as Fnatic doesn’t screw up the veto process completely (unfortunately, that can happen…), 2.04 at is a great deal!

Expect more predictions! Just want to watch the first games before assuming anything.