What a terrible start to IEM Katowice for me. I was hoping for a lot more upset bets than provided. For example, NiP – which were close to win basically all their games (and the odds were 2.0-3.5x on all games).

Oh well, betting is a long game so let’s have a look at the early games today.

[Na’Vi vs Virtus.pro] Over 26.5 Rounds, 1.8 @Betway | Low Bet

An interesting matchup indeed. What I am a bit worried about is s1mple’s performance. He announced that he had a bit of heart problems in a tweet. I don’t know how much it will affect the game as he is tweeting about it and still playing, but a bit of a wild card (he is blaming it on to much stress, coffee and cs).

Natus Vincere comes back from a pretty inconsistent play during both Dreamhack Las Vegas and the ELEAGUE Major. Rumors also goes that they have some internal issues, not being able to hold their cool when loosing (I am saying rumors because I can’t find any source myself). Also, we have seized as the leader right now and I am not sure how well that have played out.

On the other hand, Virtus.pro have been looking extremely good lately – and who knows the energy they will have now when they play on their home turf. However, we must not forget that VP tends to struggle during BO1s and the beginning of tournaments.

In the end, it is between making a really low bet on Na’Vi or going for over 26.5 Rounds and believe in a tight game.

De maps might be mirage, inferno or train – Train will be the map that can mess up the bet.

[SK vs Cloud9] – Skip

Can’t find any value in betting on this game. You can find over 4.5 in odds for Cloud9, but it will take a lot for them to win this one.

An ICB bet might be something for the risk-taker but I would suggest just watching the game J


Good Luck,