North vs Heroic, the Danish derby – might be the only upset prediction that we encounter today. We have a North that is heavily favored against their counterparts.

[North vs Heroic] – Heroic +3.5, 2.0 @Bet365 | Low Bet- (1-2%)

Both teams have had a good run lately. North finished well in Vegas and have been playing good against high level teams. North have been known for their deep map pool (which have been taking a strike since the roster change, but still noteworthy).

Heroic have added the talent Jugi, which I believe will bring a lot to the table. They have won over teams a lot better than themselves, whilst losing to worse team. Being a team with an inconsistent history means that this match can go either way.

If we end up on Cache or Nuke I see very good chances for Heroic to upset the match. Even other maps such as Mirage are good ones.

I am going to add a handicap on my bet just to make it safer. But you could also bet on Heroic winning. Use another bookie then, as offers 2.89 for that bet.

Let’s see what happens,

Take care,