Hellraisers take on Kinguin today on Train first and then Cache.

Both teams seem to be in a slump right now, Hellraisers maybe slightly more than Kinguin. The former team have got a recent hype as they managed to win against tier-1 teams in their introductory matches at ESL Pro League.

I am however still skeptical to their abilities when I see them lose against teams such as Pride.

None of the teams have had a consistent winning streak but barely manages to bring wins back home. Just looking at form, I would give both teams an equal evaluation.

Does Train edge out any team over the other?

Frankly, I would say no. Bookmakers are right now heavily favoring Kinguin (even though the odds have balanced somewhat over the day).

None of the teams are actually good on Train and I can’t really say that any team is better than the other.

In the end, it is hard to predict a game like this, being online and everything – but in those cases I always find it better to play the odds – and 2.1 @bet365 on Hellraisers is doing just that.

I am also betting on ex-DarkPassage to win against eXtatus with odds at 2.63 using gg.bet. Frankly, I just think the bookmakers have done a mistake here. And an even game like this shouldn’t favor one team over the other this much.

There is a lot of CSGO matches being played today. Remember not to get baited when you place your bets! I am sticking to these two bets and won’t give in to temptation 😊