Hearthstone Betting

You might not know it, but yes Hearthstone betting is a thing. If you want to bet on Hearthstone you can, you just need to know where you can do it and some basics about the game.

Launched 2014

Hearthstone was launched 2014 as a solution for the IRL collector card games. The game has today, just a couple of years later, over 10 million users.

The pros with this game is that it is a fast playing, but still easy to learn game – compared to many alternatives.


The competitive scene of hearthstone isn’t the biggest, but it is very popular and is continuously growing. The legit format of hearthstone, called the Conquest format is always Best of five series. Before starting the game, the decks need to be submitted and include classes amounting up to three. Each deck can only be used to win one series.

The biggest tournament?

Hearthstone World Championships! Google it. It is a huge annual event held by Blizzard themselves (the game developer). The prize pool is USD 250,000 and held at Blizzcon. You will probably not find a bigger hearthstone event than this!

And of course, you can bet on it.

Bet on Hearthstone

You can easily bet on hearthstone at all major bookmakers. The amount of lower tier matches that are globally known is very limited, therefore you won’t miss betting at these games at any of the bookies (as they won’t exist anywhere).

This means that you simply need to make sure that your bookmaker offers hearthstone, if they do – you are probably covered all the way. One exception is EGB that offers slightly more hearthstone betting than other.

Hearthstone Betting

In the end, Hearthstone comes down to numbers. Numbers comes down to probabilities and if you are going to win betting on hearthstone you just need to do your homework.

There are many success stories to be found when it comes to hearthstone betting – and they all have in common that the bettor made their homework.

Betting on Hearthstone

Make sure to check out our list of bookmakers and see who offers this game. Examples are Betspawn, Bet365 and as mentioned earlier EGB.

bet on hearthstone

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