Halo Betting

Halo Betting can be done! But as many smaller esports you need to find a bookmaker that offers bets on Halo.

Betting on Halo can be lucrative for those of you that actually knows about the game – because the bookmakers sure don’t know squat about the game. So, let’s go through the game in detail. Right now, Halo 5 Bets is the one you need to consider, because it is the latest game of the halo franchise – this might change in the future so keep your eyes open!

Halo, the Sci-fi FPS

Halo is a sci-fi first-person shooter game that was published by Microsoft Studios a couple of years ago. The current game that all are watching is Halo 5: Guardians. This is the 10th release of the game (sick right?). When played as an esport, you have two teams are facing each other. Like CSGO you have different terrain/map which makes it difficult to predict which team will be the best one! All maps can be played in different game modes (examples):

  • Capture the Flag

Easy to know what this one is. Two teams, capture each other’s flags!

  • Strongholds

You are holding control points and gather points for every four seconds you hold a stronghold – most points win! There is a total of three strongholds.

  • Slayer

Free for all kind of game mode. Nothing for halo betting.

Bet on Halo

Placing a bet on Halo can be tricky. Not all esports betting sites are offering the game and you should avoid to low-tier matches as they don’t have a prize pool and can be rigged!

Even though some betting sites offer Halo betting, you will often find out that the only market system is match winner. Sure, you can probably win a huge amount of money just by betting on the match winner – but if you like variations you might want to consider another game to bet on as well. It can be positive with less market systems because you won’t spend your money on idiotic bets, match winner is a safe and good bet.

The Halo Series

The Halo Championship Series is by far the best and safest event(s) to be halo betting on. You will notice that the teams are pretty even. A good sign about the esports scene.

bet on halo

You will also find that some Dreamhack events hosts Halo Tournaments.

Halo Betting Sites

Halo betting sites are scarce. You will only find the game on esports specific sites. But don’t worry there are still a couple of options and they are all good ones. The absolute best one would be Arcanebet, check’em out. If you want to be sure to have most events available these are the ones you should consider:

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Halo 5, a contender in esports?

Microsoft is doing everything to make Halo 5 a huge esport. How you might ask? They donated one million dollars to the championship series. The prize pool continued to grow through crowdfunding and by late February it reached 2.5 million dollars!!

Remember this, because events in the future can be really big!

Halo betting for everybody!

Take care,

Linus Olsson