GGBet Review

As of 28 April 2017, ggbet also offers skin betting on their site! Read more below.

Priding themselves in the fact that they have a sponsorship with the major teams (yes major, Fnatic, Natus Vincere, Alliance and more) – ggbet is in fact a worthy adversary in the game of esports betting.

They are focusing on esports only and works hard to always provide you with good odds. Started out early 2016 they have grown quickly as ****.

Furthermore, they have a feature whereby they donate a small percentage of your winnings bets on YOUR favorite team! You can even see on the page how much each team have gathered.

Depending on how the year plays out – ggbet is definitely a runner for the top bookmaker 2017. Let’s see if they continue to deliver. Meanwhile, here is our ggbet review.

Looking for a ggbet bonus code? ggbet have decided that they will only offer bonuses and offers to registered users (no deposit required). Since the change, we have only seen positive feedback. The reason is that they are constantly sending emails with new bonuses and offers such as free bets and 100% bonuses during basically all big events. In the end, this has meant more bonuses then you get at any other bookmaker!

However, we have ONE bonus code that we can give you! A 100% bonus up to €50 to all our users! Regardless if you are a new ggbet user or an old one.

Like we have said before, bookmakers vary as far as quality goes. The quality could be classified as various factors that together weave into a general score of how the bookmaker compares towards competitors (other bookies). Odds can vary by an incredible amount between bookies, even on the same game! For example, website A could give you a 2x your money back on a game, while bookmaker B only gives you 1.8x – that is a huge difference! We generally encourage you to join to no less than three esports wagering sites so as to guarantee that you don’t lose cash for this reason.

All in all, GGbet is on our shortlist for the 5 best bookmakers to bet on and utilize if you are serious about esports betting. So essentially, in case you will wager on League of Legends or CS:GO, ggbet as a bookmaker may reliably give you a better value for your cash in contrast to other websites. A large portion in terms of an explanation is that ggbet simply focuses more on odds rather than on bonuses for their users. Great odds paired with dynamic bonus campaigns during certain major events and tournaments make them our #1 choice for esports betting at the moment, regardless if you are betting on CSGO, LOL or Dota 2.

GGbet Skin Betting

Yes ggbet skin betting is a thing now!

As of 28 April 2017 ggbet decided to expand their services so that you can use your skins to bet on games. This is great for the ones of you who were sadened by the news that Fanobet would sieze to accept skins as a methods of payment as of a couple of weeks ago. The instructions are clear:

  1. Select Skinpay when depositing
  2. Choose the skins you want to sell
  3. Wait a couple of seconds and a bot will make an offer
  4. When you have accepted the trade you are good to go!

At Esportslobby we aren’t focusing on skin betting but we know some of you guys are interested in it, and it is great that you do not have to be limited to fanobet when it comes to legit betting sites that offers skin betting!

BTW! This works for both CSGO Skin Betting AND Dota 2 Skin Betting!

Start here.

ggbet skin betting

GGBet Esports

Being esports oriented, you can expect them to have most games that are played on a competitive level. The list is long:

  • Dota 2
  • CS:GO
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Starcraft 2
  • Smite
  • Call of Duty
  • Hearthstone
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • World of Tanks
  • PUBG

Of course, the coverage is different for each game!

An important aspect to take into consideration in’s offer is that they are working hard to provide new games as well, and also fun betting systems. For instance, they are offering betting opportunities on the very first tournament in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Something most bookies avoid as they don’t have any information about teams and therefore odds.

Another example is that they were the first bookmaker to offer transfer betting for CSGO and are constantly providing new betting challenges.


The ggbet CSGO coverage is really good. You will see that Esportslobby predictions offers contains bet from this bookie – not just because, but because the odds are great and the amount of systems are plenty:

  • Match Winner
  • Handicap
  • Total Rounds
  • Winner of Pistol Round(s)
  • Specific Rounds (1,4,16, etc)
  • Odd or Even # of Rounds

GGBet Live Betting is really good. Not just for csgo but for all games. It is one of few bookmakers that actually offers more than pistol round and match winner during live betting. Systems such as over/under are also still there.

GGBet League of Legends & Dota 2

Just like many other bookmakers, GGBet offers the two big MOBA games on their platform, and just like CSGO they offer a great coverage of market varieties on these games as well.

Match Winner
Map Winner
First Blood
First to 10 kills
Odd / Even kills
Total kills
And more…

Other Esports

Even though they have a long list of games, the other games then csgo, lol and dota2 aren’t that thorough. You will basic bets but that is it. However, this is true for most bookmakers. The three biggest esports to bet on are the above three mentioned.

GGBet Bonus Code & Signup have decided to disable their welcome bonuses for awhile!


Even though they don’t offer a welcome bonus if you sign up and subscribe to their newsletter you will see that they have constant bonuses and other offers during basically all big events. Regardless if it is the CSGO Major or Dota International or any other game – they will probably send you an email with a bonus code that you might find interesting.

So ggbet promo codes exists – you just have to register for their email first (by registering as a user, no deposit required).

Initially, we were pissed when we realized that they didn’t have a bonus, but when you think about it – the only thing they’ve done is to let all users (regardless if you are new or an old one) take part of promotions.

GGBet Extra

As of now, ggbet does not offer anything such as cashouts. So, if you are into that – you just look into the other betting sites that does here.

ggbet Insta Games

Instead of traditional casinos, ggbet have something they call insta games. Fun games which you can play with either skins, bitcoin or cash.

ggbet insta games

High Striker

This could be called ggbet CSGO crash betting, because it is exactly the same principle. You bet a stake and stop whenever you are satisfied with your multiplies. But if you wait to long the system crash and you lose the cash! It is all about the nerves.

Roll the Dice

I don’t believe I have to explain this one. Just an easy way to bet cash with a fair probability to win!

Courier Sweeper

The chances that you are playing with in this game are pretty much the same as roulette. You move a donkey on a mine-field. Either you hit a bomb or you receive a multiplier, then you choose if you want to go another step or take out the winnings.

ggbet do have traditional slots as well. You won’t find hundreds of options and there’s a lack of jackpot games. But besides that, they have done a decent job complementing their esportsbook with casino!

Payment Method

So, if you have had enough of the free 5 dollars bet, you can choose from these deposit methods:

  • Visa or Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Webmoney
  • Ecopayz
  • Alipay
  • Qiwi
  • Bitcoin

And many, many more.

GGBet Customer Support

24/7 support, meaning that it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. They have live chat, email and phone support!

They are extremely helpful (as long as you follow their terms and conditions as any other bookmaker).

User Interface

The bookmaker has an extremely easy to use webpage. The downside is that you won’t find an app. However, the website is perfectly mobile optimized and can be used from a smartphone as well.

We have had a couple of incidents where an error message occurred after betting. The bet size was then locked for a while (even though the bet didn’t go through). After a quick chat with the support, they explained that the money will be credited back as soon as possible, which it was! A minor inconvenience, and at least they did give it back 😊

ggbet Legit?
Yes they are. But you need to follow the terms and conditions as they are pretty keen on following them strictly!


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