For the second time this year FaZe Clan win their CS:GO Championship title, and this time in the matchup against the North American favourites Team Liquid. For the Liquid fans around the world the ending was anticlimactic. The team they all hoped would bring it all home, was dominated by the Europeans.

FaZe picked up a prize pool of USD 125,000 in the final match against Liquid, with maps played in the best-of-five grand finals starting with Inferno, Overpass and Mirage.

Map 1, Inferno

The series of maps started with Inferno, and early on in the match FaZe played offensive and didn’t give in. The slaughter started right away. Already in the pistol round FaZe turned a tricky 2v3 afterplant situation to their favour. Finn “Karrigan” Andersen and Nikola “NiKo” Kovac put Liquid in a bad position which made them take a risky buy and get overrun by FaZe.

Liquid had a really hard time breaking through FaZe’s firm defence strategy. They tried different ways, and came close one round when finding an opening in B, but that dream was shut down by NiKo who did a fantastic run with a quad-kill.

Map 2, Overpass

FaZe opened the second map very strong, Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski picked up three quick kills. However, on this map, Liquid made a better fight, despite being down, winning a few rounds. But FaZe came fighting back, and NiKo picked up, once again, an amazing quad-kill in the first gun round in the B site.

Liquid didn’t have much on FaZe early on in this map either, Peter “Stanislaw” Jarguz pushed and opened an opportunity for Liquid to come back, but they couldn’t follow that through, and FaZe regained the control of the game after that sequence.

With a 11-4 lead to FaZe at the half, the team added to their streak by taking the pistol round as well. However, the lead didn’t stop Liquid from breaking their downstream and come back to fight for the win. With Liquids third-round buy, the Europeans got caught off guard which led to chaos in their economy.

After that, the North Americans closed the gap between themselves and their opponent. They really startled the Europeans with their game, but Liquids fight wasn’t enough, and they fell on the final hurdle.

Map 3, Mirage

Yet again, FaZe opened the map strong with a 3-0 lead. But Liquid didn’t let go this time early on, and took the next two rounds. However, for Liquid this was the only time they managed to follow up on two rounds in a row. And quickly FaZe took control of the game and at the half we had the same score as in map 2. 11-4 with the Europeans in lead.

The second pistol round was snatched by the Europeans again, and with the momentum they got this time the North Americans couldn’t stand in their way. And they got swept by FaZe with an end score of 16-4 in the 3 map.

What’s Next for FaZe Clan?

With Karrigan loving his new team, FaZe might have a bright future ahead of them. Even know they are famous for having the players that shoots the hardest, they have had trouble winning any major events, and doing it consistently. But now, is it time for a change? I believe it could be.

Sure, this event didn’t end up being the best one with the big teams underperforming like never before. If FaZe wins one more event soon I will become a believer.

How do you bet on FaZe then?

We are in a scary situation right now. NONE of the statistics available can be used to predict a game in my opinion. And without statistics it’ll be hard to find a good value bet. It is of course doable. What we know from history is that FaZe-form can be extremely inconsistent and they could just as easily end up losing in the next tournaments group stages.

For the daring one…

If you for the heck of it, still want to play on FaZe, you can. What I’d recommend you to do is to follow all the players twitter, other social media and try to figure out how much they play together until the next event. Olofmeister for instance is known for slacking off from times to times. If you are seeing good form – then you might want to bet on them winning games. On the otherhand, if you see bad form you might find really good value bets on betting against them!

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That’s it guys,

Klas Murthy