Fanobet Review 

We know that many comes to Esportslobby’s Review to get a quick access to the Fanobet bonus code. Just use the code “LOBBY” – all caps, and it is all yours.

However, for you that are thinking of a new bookmaker and need the full review – continue to read.

Fanobet Esports is the #1 home to plenty of esports betting enthusiasts around the world, and for good reason. They niche themselves quite heavily when they launched Fanobet CSGO in particular as they started off as a skin betting website, but pivoted and are now considered a reliable and regulated bookmaker towards the esports scene in general.

Let’s start with the summary first, you guys probably want to know the reason to why Fanobet is a good choice for your esports betting.

  1. Excellent Esports Coverage

Fanobet used to heavily emphasize CSGO & Dota 2 betting due to their past nature of the site, but recently they’ve expanded to many more esport titles and even regular sports. Their current repository of esports include:

  • CS:GO
  • League of Legends (LoL)
  • Starcraft 2
  • Dota 2
  • Hearthstone
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Overwatch
  • World of Tanks
  • Call of Duty (COD)

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  1. Decent and Manageable Bonus

The fanobet bonus is one of the easiest in terms of conditions, as they have really lean terms and there’s not really anything in there thats out to get you. It’s simply a cashback bet up to €50 (Use fanobet bonus code “LOBBY” for the Fanobet Free 50 Bet). Remember that you only get their Fanobet Free 25 if you do not use the Esportslobby code.

They do in their terms state if they suspect bonus abusement, that you will have to rollover the cashback 5 times at odds over 1.6 before you can withdraw. But actually, those terms are better than the average bookmaker anyways.

  1. Fanobet Skin Betting

At Esportslobby we do not really promote betting with skins (as we are into getting a steady revenue stream from betting), but if you want to – Fanobet offers skin betting. This means that you beside cash betting can deposit your skins from your inventory and use them as stakes.

Fanobet is the only listed site at Esportslobby that offers skin betting – as it seems to be the only legit site that does it. 

Fanobet CSGO

As a relatively new player on the block, Fanobet started off as a skin-betting bookmaker, competing with CSGOLounge. Over time, Fanobet adapted and became a regulated iGaming operator.

CSGO Market Varieties

Fanobet offers numerous alternative betting options on their CSGO games;

  • Match Winner
  • Score Difference
  • Final Match Score
  • Overtime
  • Total Rounds Played

CSGO Live Betting

Fanobet offers relatively good live-betting, perhaps not as good as that of Bet365 or Betway, but any T1-type game will definitely be available for livebetting. See our article about live betting for the best sites!


Fanobey covers most T2+ LAN events and are pretty good with timing the games so theres enough time to place your bets between games, something that some other websites struggle with at times, but Fanobet seems to have that pinned down.

Fanobet Bonus Code

Fanobet gives out a special “cashback” UNIQUE bonus of €50 if you use code “LOBBY” (all CAPS!) into the bonuses section after signing up (My Account -> Bonuses). This is double the amount that you would normally get for signing up, so be sure to utilize it!

Click here to sign up! Don’t forget to use the code “LOBBY” to get the full benefits.

Anyways, there are some rules to this bonus:

  • New customers only
  • Only one free bet per customer
  • Valid for a week (7 days) after claiming
  • Duplicated accounts are not eligible for the bonus

Example to clarify (thanks to Fanobet):

  • I used a code for a €50 bet with no risk involved. I placed a €50 bet on Na’Vi in a match against Team Liquid. Unfortunately Na’Vi lost the match 1-2. No worries! You get the €50 back!
  • I used a code for a €50 bet with no risk involved. I placed a €50 bet on Team Liquid in a match against Na’Vi. Team Liquid won the match 2-1. Congratulations! You won the bet without taking any risk!
  • I used a code for a €50 bet with no risk involved. I placed a €5 bet on Na’Vi in a match against Team Liquid. Unfortunately Na’Vi lost the match 1-2. No worries! You get the €5 back!
  • I used a code for a €50 bet with no risk involved. I placed a €30 bet on Na’Vi in a match against Team Liquid. Unfortunately Na’Vi lost the match 1-2. You get the €50 back, because €50 was the value granted by this bonus code.

Fanobet Odds

Fanobet has an average odds margin count of 8.69%, which in comparison puts them at the higher end of the spectrum. They make up for it by having a great bonus and user interface, though.


Fanobet Customer Support

Fanobet has a dedicated 24/7 staff who are all very knowledgeable in regards to CSGO, their support is available:

  • Via Mail
  • Fanobet Live Chat (24/7)

Our experience with Fanobet was generally very pleasant.

Fanobet Payment Options

Fanobet offers following means of deposit;

  • Bitcoins
  • Neteller
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Bank Transfer
  • Sofort
  • TrustPay
  • Skrill
  • Paysafecard
  • Payanyway
  • Yandex
  • ru
  • Qiwi

To withdraw, as all other betting sites (almost) you’ll need to provide proof of identification, which is a standard and generally smooth process.

User Interface

Fanobet desktop site has a clean, light design with lots of white spacing. This approach is quite innovative in an industry where most websites are dark-themes and cluttered with ads and CTA’s.

Fanobet Mobile

Fanobet does not seem to have any mobile optimization whatsoever, so if you’re looking for mobile betting, take a look at our Betsson or Nordicbet review instead. Fanobet, not so much.

Fanobet Cashout

Yeah Fanobet Cashout exists. Whereby you can stop a bet before the end of the match, either with a smaller profit or a smaller loss! Read our article about cashout betting here.

Cashout betting isn’t for everybody, so this might or might not affect you at all.

Favorite teams

Cool little feature where you can add favorite teams to get an overview of what games they are playing so you can be bet on them easily!


Fanobet offers a great casino service if that’s something you like doing with some spare winnings.

Sports betting

Fanobet also offers “traditional” sports betting outside of esports if you’re a regular sportsbook fan.

Fanobet Legit

As long as you follow the terms and conditions you won’t have any problems at Fanobet.