Looking to on EU LCS? Or NA LCS betting? The questions you might ask yourself is where you can read up on the teams, where you can discuss and where you can bet on the matches.

There are usually two types of gambles, the one that tails and the one that makes their own analysis. None is better than the other but if you are tailing someone you might want to know where you can find analysts.

A good start is the league of legends subreddit. It is pretty active for both NA and EU LCS Betting. But remember to be careful so you don’t listen to a douchebag that thinks he or she knows anything about betting 😊


The league of legends championship is divided into two regions, the European and the North American. It is hosted by Riot Games.

The good thing about this championship is the size of it. You will probably find something to bet on at all bookmakers. So, if you aren’t that picky your current bookie is probably enough. But if you want better odds or more markets you need to consider other options as well.

EU & NA LCS Betting – Where to bet?

I do not use the same sites for League of Legends betting as I do CSGO betting to be honest. When it comes to LCS Betting I usually use the below listed ones.


I am used to using EGB for league of legends and during LCS it isn’t an exception. The great thing about EGB is that they also offer other events than just LCS Bets. So if you are looking for a full coverage bookie they are a good option.

Bet365 LoL

Well, Bet365 is bet365 – I am using them for most of my bets just because they offer so many good value bets. Why? Because they don’t know much about esports, but because they are so big they need to try and cover it all.

Betspawn LoL

I just recently started using Betspawn for LCS Betting, both NA and EU. I discovered that they are complementing the above bookies extremely well when it comes to markets and odds.

If you are using all of the above you won’t have any trouble with finding the markets you want to bet on or miss any matches.

Anything else about LCS Betting?

I think you are set. Remember that Esportslobby doesn’t provide with any LoL predictions, so you just have to do your own analysis or tail someone you trust =) Good Luck with your LCS Bets and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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