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This post won’t be for everybody. I am going to go through every single esports site you can use as sources for your esports betting. The blog post is not assuming ANY previous experience in esports betting so most of you will probably know at least half of what I am writing about!

Esports sites aren’t that hard to find you just need to know what you are looking for. At Esportslobby you’ll find all the esports betting sites that you could use for esports.

Esports Sites

Regardless if you are using twitch or youtube, both these esports sites can be used for one specific reason – to watch games. Even though you can research a lot by reading up on other people’s opinions, the best way to make an analysis of teams is to watch the games yourself.

And of course, if you are considering betting on a game you haven’t played or watched before, you can use these sites to look ’em up.


The same people that owns ESL, Dreamhack and many other media channels also owns thescoreesports. Basically, a newspaper that only focuses on esports! This esport site tells you about all the latest news that have happened (Examples being roster changes and interviews with pro-players). The great thing is that they haven’t limit themselves in which games to include as “news-worthy”, but basically covers all esports.

They also have a score service that is decent – but I would use something else for looking up scores specifically. The main reason being that they not include all events, but only the ones that they own (so ESL specific events).

  • is a more standard choice for CSGO news – but I actually prefer thescoreesports. But then you have score information, and HLTV is a lot better than its counterpart when it comes to looking up results.

HLTV also have a tool for looking up statistics. This is VITAL in your betting strategy, which makes it one of the most important esports sites that you should use. The statistics tool renders it possible for you to see exactly how each team have played lately and since they started.

esports sites
Example on HLTV statistics tool


The only downside I see is that HLTV is Counter-Strike specific. But A MUST if you are betting on CS.


One of few esports sites that have a complete score-board for all games and a good live-score functionality. The user interface and design is probably not the best but as soon as you have learned it, it is easily a go-to choice for looking up scores.

  • &

Definitely the best esports sites to use when looking up current rosters or information about events (such as prize pools, teams playing and more).

Be Updated

You might think that reading up on news and information about events is irrelevant to your betting. But you are wrong. We are all betting with biases on teams and players, reading ALL kind of news will help you reduce biases and understand the game on a higher level. You will much easily understand what can affect the outcome of a game, and that anything can affect it (even the prize pool of a tournament).

If you as a standard read as much as you can, most of your betting will come a lot easier. Trust me.

There you go! All the esports sites that we recommend using for sources of information! And of course, all esports betting specific information can be found at Esportslobby.

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