Esports Predictions

Esportslobby are currently not offering any esports predictions. We are expanding our coverage and will in the near future add that feature to our users.

But I am looking for predictions?

Our writers are deeply invested into the esports scene, whether it is CSGO, League of Legends, Dota2 or any other game.

However, we do not force our writers to share their spreadsheets – if you are looking for predictions, send us an email on what game you need help with and we will connect you with someone experienced! And you can ask them nicely for their prediction spreadsheets 😊

CSGO Tips, Gambling & Predictions

If you want to bet on CSGO, online betting is basically what you can do. Betting on the game is simple, you have specific markets – and of course you need to know the game.

Have you never placed a bet on CSGO?

Don’t worry, read our guide on how to bet on CSGO here.

Besides our guide on the basics, you should read our articles that give specific betting tips on CSGO. For instance, do you know how to win big on live betting? Maybe you should focus on tier-3 games? Or just need to review different betting sites.

Regardless of what you are after, we aim to provide you with all the necessary tool for you to succeed!

Any topic you would like us to cover? Send an email with a request!

And remember… even though we aren’t showing any CSGO betting tips you can ask our writers for their spreadsheets! Same thing here, send an email with a request 😊

Using betting tips is a simple way to save time…

You often don’t have time to do all research yourself. Tailing someone is an easy way to keep your betting income high.

CSGO Bonuses

It is too soon for betting sites to offer CSGO specific promotions. However, CSGO is a part of most bookmakers’ overall sportsbook. This means that you can use the same bonuses and free bets for CSGO as well. Therefore, stay tuned and collect CSGO free bets and bonuses here at esportslobby.

Most bookmakers are constantly expanding their offers – just look at Betway Esports, you can get CSGO betting tips from Thorin, Sadokist, Heaton and HenryG right from their website!

Are you just covering CSGO?

Not at all. You can find instructions, tips and news on all games here! We cover most games and you will find valuable insights regardless if LoL, Dota2, Overwatch, Hearthstone or other games is your source of betting.

Betting has trends! If you want to win in the long-term you need to keep up.

Why do we constantly publish new posts about esports betting? Because betting has trends. Bookmakers changes prices on different markets, new games will be available to bet on, rosters are constantly changing, etc etc…!

Enjoy ;D