Esports Predictions

We hare constantly expanding our esports prediction coverage. Right now, we are offering CSGO predictions and will shortly add both LoL and Dota2 predictions.

You will compared to other sites NOT see every single match. Why? Not because we don’t have the time, but because you shouldn’t bet on every match – you should bet on those with a good risk/reward-profile.

CSGO Predictions, Tips & Gambling

If you want to bet on CSGO, online betting is basically what you can do. Here at esportslobby you will find csgo betting predictions and analysis on major matches. Our predictors and writers only handpick matches they would play on themselves and give you a tip– and you won’t find us trying to force you to bet on anything.

CSGO Predictions in its simplest form is a tip on betting on the match winner, often without any draw possibilities. For a full guide on how to bet on CSGO read our guide.

Remember that even though you aren’t in need of any CSGO tips, each post offers an in-depth CSGO analysis of the matchup. You can for example find information about roster changes, which maps are being played and line-ups.

In the end, if you stick to the guides and not get overconfident, CSGO gambling could not be easier.

Why CSGO Betting Tips?

If you only bet occasionally you will have a hard time winning a lot of money. Also, reducing risks when betting on CSGO boils down to one thing – knowledge. And it takes time to acquire knowledge. Reading CSGO betting tips means that you can read up and get a summary of what is happening, but in the end, you are making your own bet.

CSGO Bonuses

It is too soon for betting sites to offer CSGO specific promotions. However, CSGO is a part of most bookmakers’ overall sportsbook. This means that you can use the same bonuses and free bets for CSGO as well. Therefore, stay tuned and collect CSGO free bets and bonuses here at esportslobby.