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Like any other service, bookmakers differ in terms of quality. The quality could be categorized as a number of variables that together provides a general assessment of how it compares towards competitors. Esports odds may differ by up to 30% between bookies on the very same game! We always advise you to sign up to at least three different esports betting websites in order to ensure that you don’t lose money for no reason. This short summary explains the main difference between different bookmakers and why we advise you to sign up to them specifically

Esports odds

In this section, we’re going to list the 5 best bookmakers depending on which game you generally bet on. So basically, if you’re going to bet on League of Legends, one bookmaker may consistently provide you with better odds compared to others. It’s important to note that many bookmakers receive their odds from 3rd party companies, resulting in very similar or identical odds across their platforms. To learn more about odds specifically, check out paddypowers guide to get started.

CSGO Betting Odds

Betting on CSGO & Looking for the best odds? In that case, we highly recommend you to go for either Betway or Fanobet. Both of these bookmakers usually put accurate odds and mostly beat their competition. You can read our Betway review here, and our Fanobet review here.

esports odds

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LOL Betting Odds

For League of Legends betting (in terms of esports odds), Betspawn is the clear winner. They provide great odds, a sweet design and a heavy focus on the ability to be able to live-bet. What else is sweet is that they are currently giving you a €133.7 deposit bonus when you sign up to their website!

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lol oddsDotA Betting Odds

Surprisingly, the behemoth that is Bet365 (more known for its sportsbook) is the clear winner in terms of DotA 2 odds. Other esports odds differ, but we found that for DotA specifically, you can get some great deals here. Pairing up Bet365 with Fanobet, you can be confident that the odds provided are competitive. Not to mention their €200 deposit bonus, which could give you a great boost to your esports betting career 🙂

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dota esports oddsSC2 Betting Odds

Finally, if you’re into Starcraft 2 betting, you wont find better esports odds than over at While they do not currently have a bonus or promo code, are highly competitive in terms of setting the best odds. Perhaps it is because they do not provide any sort of bonuses to their players? In summary, if you want to bet on SC2 games, is the place for you.

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sc2 esports odds