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What you need to know about esports casino

Esports casino is a new phenomenon within online gambling. Several actors are starting to offer games that are reshaped or remade to make it much more entertaining for us gamers. They are in many ways like other games that exist on the regular casino industry but if you like me, play games like CS:GO or LoL you will find a lot of games with items and looks that are very entertaining. There are even some CS:GO casino, Lol Casino and Dota 2 casino out there. Keep reading and I will tell you all you need to know about esports casinos.

What is an casino esports?

At a glance, it can be hard to grasp what a esports casino is. Isn’t it either an esports game or a casino game you might think? I will in this section try my best to explain what it is and why it is called esports casino instead of just a regular online casino.

Esports casinos are in comparison to other games fairly new and are built to attract people like me that enjoy playing regular esports games but also like to get the chance to break the bank and win big. An esports casino include several games that are designed to be similar to games like CS:GO, LoL, CoD etc. In the simplest of forms, it is just a regular slot machine but with graphics and gaming mechanisms that look like any of our favorite games. It could for instance be a CS:GO slot or a League of Legends slot. However, some esports casinos offer games that are more advanced than that. Courier sweeper is an example of a esports casino game where the game mechanisms are very similar to Dota 2 but made to also fit in a casino setting.

Where can I find esports casino?

There are not that many operators that offer esports casinos yet but there are a few and you will make a good start by looking at the betting operators that focus solely on esports betting. Most of these have both regular casino and esports casino. Some operators even have special sites where they have their own CS:GO Casino, LoL Casino, COD Casino and even DOTA 2 Casino.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching the web for these esports casinos I have set together a table below where you can find them all. If you do some esports betting you will most likely recognize the majority of them since it is the big players in the industry such as GGbet, Fanobet, etc. If you want more information about each operator click on the button that says, “see review”. We have put together comprehensive reviews of all the popular esports casino sites and you will find esports casino reviews on for instance GGbet and Fanobet.

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For a full list of our esports betting sites go here.

What games can I play?

As mentioned above there are typically two types of games that are relevant when we talk about esports casinos. It is either the esports slots or games that are made to look and feel like the original games, with the difference that you have the chance to cash some money on the casino games. They are of course not as big as the original games but they are really entertaining anyway. Below I have listed one game from each category that I think are really good with a short review on what I think about them.

Ace Round

Ace Round is a highly popular 10-payline video slot. This game is in fact one of the most popular CS:GO casino games. The game has four different wilds, it is the S.W.A.T. wild, the Terrorist wild, the Hostage wild and the Bomb wild, which will be described in greater detail below. Players can try this action packed slot with demo coins before they use real money.

Before spinning the flashy reels, players are advised to regulate their bet. The “Lines” selector allows players to alter the number of paylines played, while the “Level” selector is used to choose the bet level. Clicking on the “Coin/Value” selector modifies the coin size, which ranges from 0.5 to 10. To start the game, “Spin” needs to be pushed. “Max Bet” will spin the reels at the highest available wager, while “Au­tospin” turns them a number of times uninterrupted.

S.W.A.T. wild

Appears on the first reel and moves to the right to the next reel at the beginning of each Re-spin. It guarantees Re-spins as long as at least one symbol remains on the reels. If the symbol during the move collides with Terrorist wild, the bonus mechanic S.W.A.T. spins is launched.

Terrorist wild

This wild appears on the fifth reel and moves to the left to the next reel at the beginning of each Re-spin. It guarantees Re-spins as long as at least one symbol remains on the reels. If the symbol collides with the S.W.A.T. wild during the movement, the bonus mechanic Terrorist Spins is launched.

Hostage wild

Activates during S.W.A.T. spins, after each spin, five random symbols on the reels are replaced by hostage wild. During S.W.A.T. spins other wild symbols do not fall out.

Bomb wild

This wild activates during the terrorist spins. Particiaption bomb wild in the winning lines increases the payment for five times! During the terrorist spins, other wild symbols do not fall out.

Courier Sweeper

Courier Sweeper is another popular esports casino game. It is built on the traditional game mechanism of the classical minesweeper game where the purpose is to walk through the minefield avoiding all mines. For each step the prize is increasing. Similar to the game above, also this casino game can be played with demo coins before you decide to play with real money.

To start the game you initially need to select a field size between 2×3 and 6×15. Short fields are more risky but then of course also more lucrative since the payouts for each step are higher. Next step is to place your bet and then hit the start button. You will now jump directly into the game where your job is to steer the happy donkey through the minefield. If you step on a safe spot, you win. If you land on a mine, you lose your original wager and any previous winnings on this particular field. You can whenever you like cash out by clicking “take money”.

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