ESL One: NY starts in a few days and will be the third event in the intel grand slam, season 1. The quarter million event takes place, as you might have guessed, in New York – at the Barclays Center. For those lucky dev*** being able to attend the event, the seating arrangement looks as below.


A total of six teams have been invited, whilst two teams were qualified – one from the Europe Qualifier and one from the North American Qualifier. The teams are divided into two groups of four and the rosters seems to be pretty much set. Astralis, FaZe, Liquid, Na’Vi, SK Gaming and VP were the teams invited and EnVyUs and C9 qualified trough the European and NA qualifiers respectively.

Group A

Group A consists of:

  • SK Gaming
  • Cloud9
  • Na’Vi
  • Team EnVyUs

The first games played will be SK against nV and Cloud9 versus Na’Vi

Group B

Group B consists of:

  • FaZe
  • Astralis
  • Team Liquid

The first games played will be FaZe against VP and Astralis versus Liquid

Being an event of only eight teams, the playoffs will start with the semi-finals directly. Two in each group qualifies for the semi-finals, and there will be no third-place finals.

How to bet on ESL One: NY?

Now to the important part. How should you bet on ESL One: New York…

As always, the group stage will be BO1s but we don’t have any clear underdog teams that usually have one or two upsets – teams such as Gambit and mousesports. Both Liquid and EnVyUs might have one or to upsets during the group stage, but these bets will probably be a bit riskier than usual.

It isn’t a secret that have a bad period right now, and in combination with their historically slow starts during tournaments might mean that Liquid vs VP can be a good start to start your winning-streak.

When it comes to Group B I believe Astralis is the big favorite, even though they don’t have the dominating streak they had a couple of months ago. FaZe will probably still struggle with their new roster, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they somehow wins against Astralis (and maybe even lose against VP and/or Liquid).

Group A with SK, Na’Vi, Cloud9 and NV is just as interesting as Group B. We have the favorites SK that seems to have trouble winning against underdogs right now and a Na’Vi that everybody though would suck after the roster change, that are actually doing really good (especially if we look at their performance after Dreamhack Masters Malmö).

BO1s are always hard to predicts and opens up the possibility for a lot of upsets, but in the end I think SK and Astralis are clear teams to go through to the playoffs whilst, FaZe and Na’Vi SHOULD be the two other teams qualifying… however, this isn’t a perfect world and with the new rosters ALL teams have a likely chance to proceed to the semi-finals, even teams such as Liquid and NV…

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