[Natus Vincere vs FaZe] – Train ML Na’Vi, 2.02 @Betspawn | Low Bet


[Natus Vincere vs FaZe] – Train Over 26.5 Rounds, @Betspawn | Low Bet

The first map played will be Train between these two giants. After the addition of NiKo many argue that FaZe is one of the best team right now. While this is true – the same can be said of Na’Vi.

With the map being Train I can actually see Na’Vi winning. They have an 83% win-rate on the map the past three months and only lost against one of the map Train-Teams you can find; SK Gaming. FaZe is not bad at all on Train, more firepower might be enough for a win. But being an online game I would rather take my chances on the team that will give me the highest reward.

Most bookmakers define this matchup as even. But some doesn’t, giving Na’Vi over 2x on Train, which is ridiculous. The only bookie that thinks Na’Vi will win is EGB.

Regardless of outcome – I also believe in a close game, explaining my second bet.

[FaZe vs Natus Vincere] – Mirage ML FaZe, 1.66 @loot.bet | Low Bet+

Whilst Na’Vi might have a chance on Train I can’t see them winning on a more firepower-heavy map such as Mirage.

This map is a battlefield which NiKo can win by himself.

[Gambit vs GODSENT] – Overpass ML Gambit, 1.97 @Betspawn | Low Bet

Urm, just taking the odds without question here. Overpass is a Gambit map, not a GODSENT map. Last time they played on Overpass, Gambit won, not GODSENT.

You will find that most bookmakers are agreeing with me that Gambit is the favorite and not GODSENT, but hey – Betspawn have Swedish origin so I guess they need to take the side of the Swedes 😊