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We did a good job yesterday – too bad the NiP game was cancelled against VP. But I am going to use similar arguments for my bet on Fnatic later this evening.

[VP vs Fnatic] – Handicap +3.5 on Mirage, 2.0 @gg.bet | Low Bet

Let’s start with copying my sentence from yesterday VP is VP. With that said, we do know that the team aren’t as strong online as they are on LAN”.

Last time these two met on Mirage wasn’t that long ago, but it was LAN and it ended up 16-9 for Virtus.pro. I believe in a closer game and frankly, I see Fnatic having a chance on a puggy map like Mirage.

But to be safe a handicap bet is better in my opinion.

[Tengri vs Gambit] – Handicap +1.5 Maps, 2.1 @Bet365 | Low Bet

Oh well, I won’t go into details. Tengri have been playing decent lately and done a couple of upsets. Taking one map shouldn’t be impossible.