esea betting

Game Start 19:00 CEST – 13 March 2017

Sorry that I haven’t posted more predictions lately. But here comes one for ESEA – ex-darkpassage against Bpro.

They are playing on Mirage today, a map that both teams have played once the last three months (whilst EDP won their game, Bpro lost theirs).

The bookmakers are favoring EDP, which I agree with for this matchup. Bpro aren’t really that good on Mirage. Their stats for the map 2016 was a 35.7% win-rate according to HLTV, which indicates that it isn’t their best map.

The last time these two teams met was sometime last November and darkpassage came out on top on the two maps played.

I believe a -3.5 handicap bet on Darkpassage can be worth it this time, 1.8 @betspawn.