EGB Esports is a top contender when it comes to esports coverage in terms of catering for tournaments, leagues as well as other offline & online matches. So if you’re having issues finding a bookmaker that keeps track of your favorite T2/T3 team matches, EGB is your place to bet.

With great customer support, a fantastic bonus (in terms of size) and a social aspect in forms of a chat, it’s no wonder EGB tops our esportsbookie list.

If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to read our full review below – or start betting directly!

EGB offers betting on CSGO, Starcraft2, League of Legends, Dota2, World of Tanks, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Smite and “other” (whatever other means). Just because they support or claim that they offer all matches, it can often be far from the truth. Smite for instance is a game that EGB used to offer. But for you who do not know; Smite results can be public before you bet on them – as they are what you call “pretend live matches”. This is with a high probability common knowledge for the betting sites, which could be one of the reason to why EGB is inconsistent in offering this game. Also, you will always have a risk that your bet is annulled game if EGB believes the results were leaked.

You will not be able to bet on other sports on EGB so if you are looking for an all-round book maker, you need to look somewhere else.


If you are looking on where to bet on CSGO and want to bet on most matches regardless of event, then EGB can be a good option for you. CSGO tournaments can be both online and LAN.

CSGO Market Varieties

Besides betting on money line (12 or 1X2) EGB offers a variety of other markets as well. They call bets that aren’t money line “Nested Bets” and the most common ones are:

  • Who wins the 1stround
  • Who wins the 16thround
  • Who will win 5 rounds first
  • Who will win 10 rounds first
  • Total rounds
    • This is usually over/under 26.5 rounds but can change if it is a one-sided match (i.e. one team is a lot better than the other)
  • Who will win Map 1/Map 2
    • If the match is a best of three you can find bets on specific maps as well.

Besides these you can sometimes find bets such as:

  • Team 2 (the underdogs) will reach 10 rounds (or 8, or 12).

It seems that EGB does not have a consistency in which markets that are available to the users. The reason can be that they feel that they cannot offer good odds or the opposite, that they feel there is a risk of losing to much money. Regardless of the reason, you can at least see the same available markets on a specific tournament.

EGB is probably the most knowledgeable betting platform when it comes to esports. Sure it increases the credibility of the platform, but you will have a harder time finding unique odds flaws which other book makers might do. Also, they will always show the matches correctly. If it is a 2xBO1 you will be able to bet on two matches. Some book makers might show it as a BO2 (with draw as an alternative).

CSGO Live Betting

The also make it easy and quick to view live esports, allowing bettors to watch the action in real-time. When it comes to CSGO; EGB could definitely improve their live betting service. Mostly, you will find the possibility to bet on the 16th round (second half pistol round). But this is basically it, which is unfortunate – you can sometimes see other bets, but again, not any consistency in their offering. In the end, it is more than most book makers so it will still be a plus.


LAN betting can sometimes mean short notice between announced matches. EGB however is very good at adding matches as soon as they are announced to the public. This can be great for you that wants to bet on many matches during a LAN event. Other bookmakers have a higher probability of missing matches than EGB.

EGB Dota 2

EGB Dota2 is by far the best offering for dota2 betting. The markets you can find are plenty:

  • Match winner
  • Map winner
  • First blood on each map
  • Take first 10 kills
  • Take first 15 kills
  • Take first 20 kills
  • Total maps
  • Total time
  • Total kills

And if that wasn’t enough you can bet on the hero picks! So, you will basically get cash for each hero you guessed correctly! =)


EGB League of Legends is also a great esports to bet on at EGB, they cover basically all events that are worth betting on. With markets such as:

  • Underdog will take one map, yes/no
  • Match winner
  • Map winner
  • First to 10 kills
  • Total kills
  • And more…

If you are looking to bet on dota2 or lol, egb is really on of the top contenders.

EGB Other Esports

While being perfect when it comes to offering CSGO, Dota2 and LoL – they seamlessly do it for other esports as well. Products such as EGB Overwatch, EGB Starcraft 2 and EGB Hearthstone just to mention three.


While they cover again, all events worth betting on, the markets aren’t that expanded here. You will always be able to bet on the match winner – but the rest can be a wild card from time to time.

EGB Bonus

Users on EGB can receive a 100% welcome bonus up to $600. You cannot bet the bonus money until you unlock them. The bonus will be locked in five tranches (so if you deposit $100 you will receive $100 locked in $20 tranches). You will have to gather enough bonus points to unlock each tranche. $1 equals 500 points.


If you deposit $100 your bonus will be locked in $20 equal parts. You will have to receive 20*500 = 10,000 points to unlock the first $20 and a total of 50,000 points to unlock the full $100 bonus.

You receive 10 points for each $1 you bet (for matches with index over 1.3). This is a confusing system as most book makers demand that you turn over the money a couple of times before accessing the bonus. Not only that, it is incredibly hard to access your bonus as; the amount of points required to unlock your bonus is huge compared to what you can gather.

If you would like to access the full $600 bonus you would have to gather 300,000 points. This means that you would have to bet $30,000 dollars before receiving the full bonus. As you might realise yourself this is incredibly hard when you only got $600 in your account balance. The EGB Points do however have another function as well; read more about the point system here.

A perk with the EGB bonuses is that you can have several at the same time – and you can therefore receive points for several bonuses at the same time.

EGB Odds

EGB Odds margin is 4.6%.

EGB Extra

Here you will find candy that EGB offers its users. These will also affect the overall rating of the bookie.

Payment Options

EGB offers a total of five different ways to deposit money.

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Payanyway
  • Gift cards

It is easy to deposit money without delay. We would suggest using Skrill but you will have to create a Skrill account. Skrill is used by other bookies as well which means that you can have money on your Skrill account to distribute to different book makers. Withdrawing money on Skrill will however not be done instantly.

Traditional book markers that have been operating a long time often have a lot of security measures in place. If you move and change your address for instance, you would need to upload documents to prove your identity. You will not have this issue with EGB, for better or for worse.

User Interface

EGB does not have the usual bet slip interface as most common and traditional book makers have (such as Bet365, Betsson and WilliamHill). This makes the whole concept of betting on combinations a bit weird. You will have to find the tab called “Express”. Once there, you can build your combination game. A bit weird, but nothing that would make or break your choice of choosing EGB to bet on CSGO.

The overall design is dark with a lot of strong colors. It is quite the opposite of what you would call a clean design and they should consider a transformation of the webpage. But honestly, this could be a conscious choice from EGB. In the end, it does not take that much time to get used to the interface even though it was distracting in the beginning.

Mobile Options

EGB does not have an application for smartphones, neither iOS nor Android. What they do have is a mobile responsive webpage. Frankly, this is nothing to brag about and you will probably change the layout to an out zoomed desktop version anyways. If you love betting through your phone, consider another book maker.

EGB Customer Support

EGB has a FAQ section where you probably will find most answers. If you would need to contact them, you can both email them or access their 24/7 live chat.

Our experience with the live chat has so far been good. They are answering quickly and are on point. At some occasions it seems that the moderators don’t have English as their first language but it isn’t something that will affect your experience. But you will probably get the feeling that they could be nicer even though their intention isn’t to be disrespectful.

Chat for Esports Betting Discussions

EGB also provide their bettors with a platform for chatting with other like-minded people, letting them chat and discuss their esports predictions, strategize bets and talk about upcoming events. It is a fairly active chat as well with approximately 1000 people online, making it a good place to discuss esports and match predictions with like-minded people.

EGB Points

Every time you bet $1 you will receive 10 points. You can redeem these points at the EGB store. You can buy money, bonuses or items with the points. Items includes products from Razer, ROCCAT, steelseries and Hyper. Products includes mouse, keyboards, mousepads and other.

The prices on receiving money for points vary and you can sometimes find sale periods. The best kickback that you could expect is when you buy a $200 bonus. If you use your points to buy this bonus every time you can expect an around 4.7% extra return. This is however only for the major gambler – as it takes a lot of time and stake redeeming a $200 bonus.

This extra bonus programme is actually pretty neat. Even though EGB offers horrible bonus conditions, this bonus programme helps a lot.

Invite a Friend

The bookie offers a $50 invite a friend promotion, which is nice to receive some extra cash.