9 out of 12 so far! It becomes harder and harder now. But here are still a couple of great matches left in Dreamhack Vegas! =)

Today’s recommendations are:

[North vs Gambit] North ML, 2.1 @Loot.bet | Low Bet

First time Gambit aren’t seen as the underdogs – and they deserve it. They have been playing extremely well against tier-1 teams and maybe they are a force to be reckon with. They have had convincing wins throughout this event.

North started off slow, but they have also been playing good. In the end, I am just playing the odds right now – 2.1 on North is decent enough to try.

[VP vs Mousesports] Over 26.5 Rounds MAP 1, 2.0 @Loot.bet | Low Bet

First Map is VPs choice. Again, Virtus.pro is a team that doesn’t play for rounds but for wins. Even though it is their map I can see going over 16-10 as mousesports have stepped up drastically. Let’s try it!