7 out of 9 bets right so far! What a wonderful Dreamhack it has been =) Let’s try and continue this streak.  Today’s games will be played in a best-of-three manner. The four games today are between very even teams (VP vs Fnatic, North vs Optic, NiP vs Cloud9 and Na’Vi vs FaZe).

Recommendations include:

[Na’Vi vs FaZe] Under 26.5 Rounds on Map 1, 1.92 @gg.bet and Under 26.5 Rounds on Map 2, 1.86 @gg.bet | Low Bets

This is to me the most unbalanced game today. Na’Vi started off DH Vegas slowly but stomped Renegades yesterday! It seems that they have dropped a bit in form compared to the last major – however, still a strong team.

FaZe on the other hand can’t seem to show any balls right now. Even though they won against Renegades it wasn’t convincing at all, and it didn’t change against mouz…

I do think Na’Vi will take it before it goes to the decided map; Under 26.5 Rounds on both maps for me. OBS! Will not bet on the number of maps as it increases risk tremendously to tangle bets.

[NiP vs Cloud9] – NiP Moneyline, 1.72 @Bet365

Sooooo… NiP vs C9. They have already played against each other once during this event, were C9 came out on top.

Both teams are actually in a slump (and most analysts argue that they need to do some roster changes). Today I will put my money on NiP to win this BO3. In a three map series, I can see NiPs discipline to follow procedure to be the winning factor (even though I think they need some innovation in their game).

And that’s it for today…

Too scary games and I will settle with these three bets!