What a great start to Dreamhack! 3 out of 4 predictions went our way – and we saw Inferno being played 😊

Let’s have a look at some of the games today.

[Virtus.pro vs Gambit] Over 26.5 Rounds, 1.9 @Betway | Low Bet

So, Gambit gave a decent profit yesterday with their win. Today I am not that sure that they will be able to upset against VP.

The reasoning behind Over 26.5 Rounds?…

I am basically adding the fact that Gambit have won over higher level teams lately with the fact that VP are usually taking their matches to over 26.5 Rounds. Just have a look at VPs result during the major.

[North vs complexity] Under 24.5 Rounds, 1.9 @Betway | Low Bet

Even though North performed below expectations yesterday I have a hard time seeing complexity edging out them today.

It is clear that over/under bets can be pretty profitable as bookmakers aren’t that comfortable with them (1.9 for under 24.5 Rounds at Betway when other bookies, such as gg.bet offers 1.77 for under 23.5 :S)

[Fnatic vs Misfits] Under 24.5 Rounds, 1,9 @Betway | Low Bet

Misfits did to more damage than expected against Virtus.pro yesterday. They have clearly put some thoughts into their strats – even though it wasn’t enough for a win. I do however believe that yesterday result was more because of VP rather than Misfits.

IMO, Fnatic will close the match under 24.5 rounds. I do recognize that this bet might have a higher risk profile than the others – bet with caution.

[Na’Vi vs Renegades] Under 25.5 Rounds, 1.9 @Betway | Low Bet

Can’t see Na’Vi loosing another map – believe in a convincing win from s1mple and the rest of the gang.

[FaZe vs mousesports] +2.5 Mousesports, 1.92 @gg.bet | Low Bet

So mousesports shut me up yesterday. They played well even though Na’Vi could have played a lot better. NiKo still want to go out on top with his old team apparently.

Today he is up against his future team and I do believe he want to show some skills. FaZe did manage to win yesterday, but not a convincing win (16-14 against Renegades).

I think it will be a pretty close game and whilst bookmakers are favorizing FaZe I see a 50/50 situation and getting +2.5 on Mouz might be enough to win the bet.