eSport is getting all the craze today. The prize funds in eSports have caught up and even surpassed the ones in traditional sports.

If you keep an eye on players and events in eSport, your skills and knowledge of the relevant processes can bring you real money.

The latest Dota 2 tournament offered the prize fund of $31 mln, wealthiest sponsors, hundreds of thousands of viewers (no exaggeration!). The industry has a huge lot of money rolling through, and a bite of this pie can go to any fan who is at least keeping up well enough. is a betting club that works with eSport bets specifically. It covers the largest number of events, matches and bets, and offers swift and transparent processing.

The company only came around in 2018, but it has already gained trust among clients. Which isn’t really a wonder, since the website as a platform is the epitome of impeccable user experience. Designed for professional eSports betting, it is simple, fast and convenient. A large range of bets, smooth UI, and secure payments make the project one of the future leaders in e-betting. good to know

Once you’ve opted for betting on, you immediately realize how convenient things are. No more searching of the right line among hundreds of classic sport bets. Should you place a bet on Dota 2, you’ll have it in front of you all the time — just as well as any other game. offers quite a large range of directions and events in eSports. It currently accepts bets on:

  1. CS: Global Offensive
  2. Dota 2
  3. League of Legends
  4. Overwatch

The website is in blues and yellows; the function keys are emphasized and easy to use. Each game belongs in its own tab for your best convenience.

You get to see the main betting menu right on the main page, and you only need one click to select your version of the scenario. Your future bet will immediately pop up in a side window, where you’re free to enter the bet amount and then view the gain calculation. Just click “Bet & Win” — it’s as simple as that.

The top of the page features all the upcoming eSport events and main matches. No football match, or any other irrelevant sport broadcast, gets in the way. Nothing against these — they are popular and reputable for a reason — but they are not what has the attention of cyber gamers and cyber fans.

Live Bets gives the unique opportunity to place a bet right in the process of the game. It’s not a secret that eSports have no authorities: any qualifying team can win. We’ve witnessed some quite astonishing plot twists in matches that seemed to have been pre-ordained.

Watch a game live, see how things change, place your corresponding bet immediately.

You can watch livestreams right on the project’s website — just click on the line with the match. All livestreams come in superb quality and are. Viewing is sheer pleasure, let alone the high winning probability.

Gains, deposits, bets.

To place bets, you need to have a deposit (an escrow). To get it, register and select “Top up the deposit”. We accept dollars, euros and Russian rubles. By the way, by topping up your deposit by €10, you will get an extra €10 to your account as a bonus. This amount cannot be withdrawn for personal usage, but it can be used to place a bet and get you extra cash on top of that!

You can top up your account with any of these:

1. Visa/Mastercard bank card


3. Yandex Money

4. Alfa-Click

5. advCash

6. WebMoney

7. Jeton

The top-up is almost instant, the withdrawal is also easy. There are no limitations on the withdrawal’s amount or anything else; the only condition is the verification of your account. Users are asked to provide their ID scans for identity verification.


Tech support

Tech support is available right in your account. Just click “Support” and submit a ticket describing your issue: it will be handled by a specialist at soonest.

Don’t hesitate to ask “simple” questions regarding navigation, top-up methods, and withdrawal procedures. These are all important, therefore they deserve clearest responses.

As indicated on the website, the contact email is This should be enough to resolve any issue that may arise.

Bottom line. has established itself quite well in the betting community. Easy top-ups and withdrawals are what users are happy about most: they call them “outright excellent”.

The beauty of the UI remains debatable, but the functionality and the user-friendliness of the account and the betting lobby are undeniable.

The referral program is yet to come, but it’s likely that it will get launched soon.


The company allows anyone to earn money while not actually placing bets. Any user can get benefit in cash by inviting other users.

Official website:

Website mirror:

Partner program participant registration.

To participate in the partner program, fill the form at We will contact you within 24 hrs from registration.

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