csgo player transfer betting

If you look at the traditional sportsbook you quickly realise that you are able to bet on basically anything. I mean, you can bet on the “next corner” or “who will do the next goal” in soccer.

But it is important to separate market systems that are just random such as “next corner” with “who will take the penalty”. The first is like playing on the lottery, whilst the other can be analysed.

These kinds of bets are starting to show on CSGO as well, therefore I decided to post a guide on how to bet on CSGO transfers. Something that wasn’t possible before.

Player Transfer Bets

These bets are simple. The bookmaker does a statement, that can be based on legit information or rumours. For instance, GuardiaN transfers to FaZe. And you bet on either Yes (1) or No (2). With odds on each side.

During each “silly season” of CSGO, you’ll see about 10-30 possibly transfers.

csgo transfer betting

The odds vary depending on how reliable the sources are. You will probably that find great odds if GuardiaN tweets out that he is going to move to FaZe.

You probably know that underdog betting is a good thing in CSGO – and playing on the favorites isn’t as justified as in other sports. However, when it comes to transfer betting you need to look at favorite bets a lot more. If you can get a 1.3x odds on a transfer that is very likely to happen, then you might consider it. Even with a high stake.

A roster change often follow this process:

  1. A team indicates that they want to change the roster (Remember to separate true facts and rumours).
  2. A player indicates that they want to move (either because they want to or they got kicked out of their previous team)
  3. The team and player starts discussing.
  4. Agreement is being met but not contract has been signed
  5. Contract is signed

Depending on where in the process you place your bet, you will get a higher reward.

CSGO Player Transfer Betting

Should you be betting on CSGO transfers?

Just like any other market systems, you should only bet on those you are good at – and those that you can get the information you need to make the appropriate bet.

Remember, the bookmaker has decided on the odds based on the information they have – they question is… do you have better or more information?

You can get rumours and facts on pages such as HLTV and Liquipedia. But also forums and other sources. Maybe you know one of the players?

Where to Bet on CSGO Transfers.

Many of the larger bookmakers such as BET365 and Betway doesn’t have these options to bet on player transfers. You need to take your business to the more esports oriented bookies for this purpose. Here’s the full list of CSGO transfer betting sites:

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That is it for this post. Good luck with your CSGO roster betting, and feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this or any other posts.