CSGO Roster Changes 2017

CSGO roster changes is a dynamic phenomenon and I’d like to go through the current changes made across several teams.

I’ll go through the most interesting CSGO roster changes 2017 down here:


This is for many the most interesting change right now. The popular esports organization FaZe have decided to replace Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey with Olof “Olofmeister” Kajbjer and Aleksi “Allu” Jalli with Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács.

I am sceptical to the change in the short term. The “super-team” seems to be changing their roster waaay to often and the team never settles. Maybe they are selling more t-shirts by changing the team all the time, IDK. Just by looking at the names of the players, I’ve always thought olof is better than Kio and GuardiaN better then Allu – however, it’ll take some time before they can play good together.

The closest event is Dreamhack Masters Malmö. They are allowed to play with the new line-up and we are probably going to see some kind of a honey moon period during this event.

Natus Vincere

Subsequently, Na’Vi needed to find a replacement for GuardiaN which they did by taking back Zeus from Gambit Gaming.

Now, this is interesting. Zeus played for Na’Vi previously, left the team after that the organization thought they would win a major without him. We all know that blew back in their face when Zeus and OpTic won the last PGL Major 2017! I don’t really know how Na’Vi will play their AWP position but I guess s1mple will pick it up more than usual.

Another change the team did was to bench seized, but he is back in the squad – but this gives me a bad vibe about the team dynamic. My overall thought is that the team will struggle like hell for a while… and at least one more change need to be made before the team can get back on track.


This was the team that told the world they would never change the roster… and now we’re here. Shroud and n0thing for RUSH and Tarik. Good? I really don’t know. The team will probably be as bad as they were before the change.

From a betting perspective, I would keep a close eye on ESL Pro League NA, maybe we can see a less dominant C9 against other teams – opening up for some decent odds before the bookmakers have adjusted their pricing!


After losing Olofmeister they’ve decided to give Golden a chance. A player fresh from the fnatic academy. Fnatic didn’t have much to lose here. Clearly the old roster wasn’t working enough to reach #1, but this one might. Giving a young talent a chance to show his play in the CSGO scene is probably exactly what Fnatic needs!


Fitch is taking Zeus place. The team will probably a lot of strategic power because of this, as Zeus was the mastermind behind the team that went on to win a Major, being the underdogs! However, most people are probably overexaggerating if they say that Gambit will be completely lousy after this change – as they still have top-talents such as AdreN and Hobbit.

Gambit is known for being a good betting option during group stages of BO1s. In my opinion, this will continue to be true.


They got rid of Magisk not to long ago. Why? Asking the question why is actually not a bad question. He was one of the best player on the team. But just as s1mple, he can’t keep his cool during stressful situation, and I THINK it was too much for the rest of the teammates. This is of course not the official story, but replacing Magisk with valde doesn’t seem like an upgrade to me. Sure, valde has been growing whilst playing at Heroic for a while now – but still…

We’ll see what happens…

Other CSGO Roster Changes?

Yes, we have many other roster changes, some of them because of the above-mentioned ones. For instance Heroic… But we also have other teams spicing things up such as mousesports, but I need to cut the cord somewhere.

Dreamhack Masters Malmö 2017

For the teams I brought up, we will see them play against each other during Dreamhack Masters Malmö 2017. Many have already been playing in ESL Pro League, but this will be one of the first offline events!

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