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So today I am talking about CSGO odds and what you should look for in them. The best thing you can do is to practice setting your own odds on every match that are being played. This includes the matches you aren’t actually betting on.

Take a piece of paper and do some magic

If you make it a habit of taking notes of odds you will see when bookmakers are making mistakes. So what you do is this:

  • Follow a tournament or the complete CSGO scene, whatever you got time for
  • Predict the value of each match, ex. I will give Astralis vs NiP a 70/30 chance
  • Compare it to bookmakers
  • Take note of outcome

As soon as you feel comfortable that you are correct in your own predictions you can start deciding on your own csgo odds. Whenever the bookmakers disagree with you – you will have an opportunity to bet, simple as that.

Is it easy with CSGO Odds?

In most posts that I have written to you guys I am generally saying that esports betting is a great way to beat the houses. The reason has always been that I still feel that bookmakers can’t price (i.e. determining csgo odds, or any other esports) correctly.

So yes, it is easy to find value in CS GO odds.

Let’s go through a couple of recent examples.

Bet365 and WilliamHill are classic cases to bring up. I don’t know how many times I have found both bookmakers offering 2.1-2.2x CSGO odds on the OPPOSITE teams!! Which means arbitrage for us :S It happens way more often than it should.

But the same have happened with Fanobet and EGB. These two esports oriented bookmakers often presents odds that are quite the opposite compared to other bookies. And you can imagine the joy when you can bet on who you believe to be the favorite with underdog-value. Right?

The reason to why Fanobet and EGB often disagrees with the rest of the industry is that I get the feeling that these two bookmakers odds changes a lot more depending on what users bet on (more than compared to other bookies).

Taking CSGO Odds to the next level

I am serious, if you just do your homework you can actually get odds over 7x on a match that is 65/35 – meaning that the value of the bet outweighs the risk tremendously.

This won’t happen on a daily basis and are of course extreme cases, but it just shows you how ****** up the csgo odds are right now and probably for a while.

The absolute best bookmaker for csgo underdog betting

Bet365 is for sure the best bookmaker when it comes to underdog betting. They always exaggerate their odds. When other bookies can give you odds between 3-4 on an underdog, they will usually give you 5-7…

As always, use more than one bookmaker though.

That’s it guys. Happy hunting.

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