This is a live post and can be updated regularly to add new tips and tricks when it comes to CSGO Live Betting [Scroll down for the best bookmakers for live betting]. 

  1. You are always behind the bookmaker!

When it comes to live betting, bookmakers can much easier bait you into making bets that you normally wouldn’t do. Why? Because any service you use, either Twitch,, or any other site will always be behind the actual results.

This means that the odds are changing before you know WHY they are changing. This micro-second bets that you might be intrigued to try may or may not go your way – but it will be nothing more than random wins/losses with no skills involved.

Avoid betting on even games when it all comes down to one round (because the bookie will know the outcome of the round before you do). For instance, if the score is 14-14 or similar.

Bookmakers live information about the game is always slightly before the services you use!

  1. Wait for first pistol round!

A good way to use CSGO live betting is to wait on pistol rounds. Let’s say that Astralis is up against some shit tier-4 team. Your guess is clear; Astralis will beat them and beat them good. However, the odds are never worth betting on favorites in cases like this. If you are still reluctant to skip betting on the favorite wait for the first pistol round!

Let’s say that Astralis loses the first round, then you might see a head start for the other team at 0-3. The live bet for Astralis will be much higher than before!

This was just one example, there are many other ways to use the pistol round to your advantage. This is also true for games that are more even…

During IEM Katowice, FaZe didn’t win ANY of their pistol rounds all the way up to the playoffs but they still managed to win most of their games. A perfect way to get higher odds would be to wait for FaZe to lose the initial pistol round and then make your bet.

Pistol rounds can change the odds in your favor as they are usually random! Even though some teams can be better than others with them.

  1. First, second and third maps are not correlating!

CSGO live betting is a good way to make money, but you need to do it correctly. I have seen so many people lose because they are betting on the second or third map (in BO1s) depending on how the first map is going.

While this isn’t by default a bad thing, it is when you are guessing the outcome of the other maps based on false assumptions about the first. I just recently saw NiP beating Liquid on Inferno 16-7 and it surely looked like Liquid tilted as hell, but they won the last map, Cobble 16-3…

You need to be sure of WHY they are losing and if that “WHY” can be transferred to the other maps.

  1. Look at fundamentals first – odds later

You should always do live betting with care. What makes it a good choice for betting can also be your downfall. Odds can be very intriguing and you might make odds merely because they look good. Just as you did before the game you still need to look at the fundmentals! Is a bet worth doing or not? The only difference is that you need to be a lot faster whilst making your analysis, and here… practice is key!


Unfortunately, our ratings on bookmakers doesn’t cover live betting directly (only as a factor in the overall rating). Therefore, this blogpost brings up the three best bookmakers for csgo livebetting (with no other factor taken into consideration).

Top CSGO Live Betting Sites 2017

Remember, that I will completely neglect other factors such as bonuses and coverage of other esports.

Betspawn – the new esports betting site!

betspawn live betting

The absolute best live betting site is Betspawn to me! OBS, not as it is right now – but their Beta site!! If I remember correctly, you can still be a part of changing the site for the better by giving feedback. I have myself used it a lot for live betting and it is pretty neat.

The only downside I have seen so far is that instead of locking a bet to adjust it, the bet option just disappears for awhile – and you feel left hanging on whether it is coming back or not! But they will most likely fix that. EDIT: it is now resolved =)

So what is so good about Betspawn Livebetting?

Like I said, the design is great. But the coverage is even better. You could bet on random stuff such as amount of kills a player does, who will knife who etc etc…

Absolutely the best coverage you can find! – reliable

ggbet live betting

I have also used for live betting. Even though they haven’t the same coverage as Betspawn they still provide the most important markets! As usually offers great odds, I would say that it is the second-best option for csgo live betting.

Bet365 – Only for Moneyline bets!

bet365 live betting

Bet365 offers livebetting on the higher tier matches! But the coverage is bad and consist of only moneyline a.k.a. match winner (they do have pistol rounds as well, but not really live).

Why is BET365 top 3 then?

Bet365 do one thing good (or bad for them…) – they give really scewed odds sometimes. For instance, if you want to bet on a favorite, you can wait and hope that the underdogs wins the first pistol round – be sure that Bet365 will give you great odds on the favorite then!

This is literally the only reason why I use Bet365 for live betting on csgo!

Other sites?

I have used a lot of other betting sites for live betting but these are by far the best ones. This blog reflects my opinions only!