csgo bitcoin betting

Some people like to do their CSGO betting with bitcoins.

Betting with bitcoins can have many advantages that you haven’t thought about!

It isn’t hard to start your bitcoin CSGO journey but you should keep a couple of pointers in mind.

For example,

  • Currency value can change quickly
  • Where can you bet on CSGO with bitcoin?
  • Will you be anonymous or not?

CSGO Bitcoin Betting

Betting with bitcoin means that you can be affected by currency changes.

Having capital in form of bitcoin can be good or bad depending on your view on the currency – but that is a discussion for another time 😊

Where to bet on CSGO with Bitcoin?

Several sites are using Bitcoin as an option. This are,

However, you can only be 100% certain that you will remain anonymous on Nitrogen. How come you might ask?

Well, if you try to browse on www.nitrogen.com an account will instantly be created. This is done by the help of cookies and you will only be able to use the same account on a different computer if you save your unique ID that can be found on the page (or by adding a username and password to the account).

So, you will have a Nitrogen account WITHOUT giving any personal information such as name, birthday or anything else. You do not even have to provide with an email if you do not want to contact them.

This cannot be done at the other sites.

If you want to use CSGO Bitcoin betting whilst being completely anonymous, Nitrogen is the way to go.

In fact, Nitrogen ONLY offers bitcoin betting. You can’t really use any other currency.

That is it for now!

Good luck with your CSGO Bitcoin betting =)