[Vega Squadron vs Flipsid3] – Vega Squadron ML, 1.75 @Betway | Low Bet

Actually, just betting on this match because Betway provides decent value for Vega Squadron. Anything over 1.7 is decent for this matchup.

Flipsid3 started this year good, and actually winning against Vega on 3 out of 4 occasions. But lately they have been playing extremely bad. Especially when looking on the amount of games they have played the last couple of months! Soooo many, and no sign of good form anywhere.

Vega Squadron have a better team in my opinion and most maps should favor them. But it is a BO1 and you never know 😊

[North vs Hellraisers] – Over 26.5 Rounds on Mirage, 1.84 @gg.bet | Low Bet

So Hellraisers have been looking really good lately. A lot of underdog wins on them. I am not sure that they will win against North today, but can’t really see how it won’t go over 26.5 Rounds. It wasn’t long ago it went to overtime against Mirage on North.

Hellraisers have a really good T-side (even if they in the end loses) against great teams on Mirage.

Anyways, 1.84 at gg.bet is a decent value.